5Linx Review-So, What is the Truth of the 5Linx Scam?

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The 5Linx company’s primary vision is VOIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol or, even further, telephone communication over the internet. However, there is quite a bit of suspicion surrounding this company. Questions and accusations of a 5Linx scam. We’ll look into it and dig up the truth. You’ll know just what you need to know by the end of this 5Linx review.


5Linx-History and Leadership


5Linx was founded in 2001 (wow, tough year to start a business…9-11) by three guys who wanted to make a difference (your guess is as good as mine). They are Executive Vice President of Sales, Jason Guck, Craig Jerabeck, the President and CEO and Executive vice President of Marketing, Jeb Tyler.


The company headquarters is in Rochester, NY and the company has grown, since 2001, to have a presence in 20 other countries.


5Linx-The Products


The 5Linx main product, as stated above, is VOIP but there are some related products as well. There are about 10 products and/or services in the 5Linx lineup. They are geared towards both individuals and businesses. We’re still looking for the 5Linx scam so hang in there.


5Linx does have most of the products and services that are being used today by most individuals and businesses. In fact the company pounds home the fact that “hey, you’re already using these things, just switch over to us”. Well, believe me that tactic has been around the mlm industry since Moses was a boy. That’s no scam though, just a marketing tactic.

5Linx is into Merchant Services, Internet Service, Satellite TV, ID Protection, Home Security and Cell Phones and plans. They are into Energy providership now but it’s limited to just a few states. They have a business toolkit called Business Elite Services. Of course there’s VOIP provided by Globalinx, a 5Linx subsidiary.


Now here’s something I think is very cool and I saved it until last for that reason. I reviewed another company that had this product and I felt the same way. It definitely stems from my childhood and having been a big time Jetsons fan:) That product is a Video Phone.


I’m sorry (not really) but I just think the whole concept of Video Phones is very cool. The problem, as I see it and I mentioned this in the other review, is I don’t know anyone with a Video Phone, do you? I think the reason they may not be more popular is people don’t feel comfortable possibly getting caught in an unflattering situation, who knows.


5Linx-Getting Started and The Compensation Plan


First let’s answer the question of the 5Linx scam. There are a lot of reasons people will either accuse or assume a company is a scam. Now with the internet it’s even easier to spread rumors and accusations. A company that has been around for as long as 5Linx has and had the growth they’ve had is not a scam. So the answer, and you can take this to the bank, is 5Linx is not a scam.


We’re running a little short of room in this 5Linx review so I’m going to tell you that if your interest in 5Linx goes beyond this review you can just go to their website and get all of the details you need.


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