Can Nerium Earn You Real Money?

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Nerium Review

Nerium claims to be a company for real people, with real product results, made with real science but can you make real money with the company compensation plan? The founders of Nerium want you to look on the outside the way you feel on the inside. It can be quite a shock when we start having the signs of aging show on our face. The wrinkles and lines that are the telltale signs of getting older does not exactly match how we feel. Have you ever looked in the mirror and been surprised by the face looking back at you?

Nerium is an Age Defying Formula

The people at Nerium decided to go into the anti-aging arena because they saw a market full of promises with few results. They wanted to market a lotion that could change the tone and texture of your skin with an age defying product that really works. That product is Nerium AD. During the clinical trials the results were amazing. Most skin care formulas get a success rate for reducing fine lines of about 2-5%. With Nerium AD some people saw results in about 2 weeks and a reduction of wrinkles and discolorations success rate of about 13-55%. They also found a reduction of deep line of 18-43% and emerging lines were lessened as well.

Nerium AD Starts as an Oleander Plant

The driving ingredient in Nerium AD is an extract from the Oleander plant. When the Olsen family, husband, wife, and daughter, got introduced to this superior product they knew that they wanted to help people look better and by bringing the product to direct sales they could also help bring wealth and prosperity. They have done this by designing a complete compensation plan including commissions 10 levels deep. Their independent brand partners also earn exotic trip bonuses, ipad and car bonuses.

Nerium is an established company just getting into the direct sales arena. And they are one of the few companies around that put one third of their money back into research. With this product and company you are getting the real deal and the opportunity to make a real change in your life. Looking younger makes you feel better and making money, well it makes you feel better, too!

The Olsen’s want their independent brand partners to get people to try the product and to build downlines and earn passive residual income. But because they think that not everyone can sell they want you to share Nerium with your friends and family. I think they have missed the mark on this one, in order to build a big downline and get lots of folks to try your product you need to market in a whole different way.

The reason I know is because I also tried to chase down my friends and family. I stalked them at the mall and tried every way I could to share my opportunity with them. I even made cold calls to strangers out of the phone book which is definitely not your warm market. And then I learned something important and I want to share it with you. I found out about marketing on the internet and once I set up my first campaign I was hooked.

My internet marketing business turned in to a laptop business and now I talk to people who are already educated on my product and want to hear more about my business. I have been doing this a while and now I coach people like you to help them get started marketing on the internet as well. There are so many pluses to working on the internet: you are talking to qualified, laser targeted leads, you don’t need to dress up or at all if that is what you want, you save money on gas, and you can keep whatever hours work for you because the internet is open 24 hours 7 days a week.

If you are an independent brand partner you have a product that everyone wants, an age defying serum that can make you look younger in just a couple of weeks. You also have a business opportunity that is ripe for this economy. Many people are looking for their own business, to be their own boss, and take control of their lives. The only thing you are missing is a huge marketing platform to touch thousands of people in just one day. It helps you and it helps them and it is real.

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