Ignite Energy Review- Is A Scam On The Rise?

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Ignite Energy ScamIgnite energy scam or a real opportunity? You are reading this review because you interested in this business opportunity. You know that Ignite has a product that everyone needs, Power. But you heard a lot of speculation about this company. You heard that it's a primary scheme, and you will end up paying more for power than traditionally. So, you are in the right place at the right time... In this Ignite energy scam review, I will let you know once for all if Ignite Energy is a scam.

Ignite Energy Scam- What is This Company all About?

Ignite Energy is a network marketing company that has taken advantage of the power deregulation in Georgia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Texas. Energy today is a $400 billion dollar industry, with this deregulation, it gives small entrepreneurs a chance to profit from this industry. Ignite was founded in 2004 by Chris Domhoff. If you have been around network marketing for any time now, you may have heard of Chris from Excel. Excel was a telecommunication company that bankrupted around 2003. Chris saw an enormous opportunity in the power industry and took advantage of it. With that said, Ignite uses Stream Energy that generates electricity using renewable natural resources.

Ignite Energy Scam Prices

This company states since deregulation in utilities, utility companies compete for customers, which will give the consumer more savings. Ignite has different rates depending on what state you live in. Even though, the rates vary depending on the state, they have 3 different pay plans for each state.

(1) Stream Intro- This is a "variable rate" plan for new customer only. This plan allows the customer to pay for natural gas each month at a cheaper rate.

(2) Variable Rate Plan (month to month)- this will allow current customers pay a rate at the current cents-per-therm rate

(3) Fixed Rate Plan- this allows customers to contract with Ignite for natural gas to be billed at the same cents-per-therm.

Ignite Energy Business Opportunity

The opportunity is where most people think Ignite Energy is a scam... Since Ignite uses this the MLM structure, distributors get paid for getting others to sign up with the company. The company's motto is “get paid every time someone turns on the power!” The Company's motto has a pleasant ring to it but how do you get started and paid? In order to become a distributor for Ignite, you must spend $329 for the starter package and a renewal fee of $199 yearly. In order to qualify for a bonus at the leadership level, you must add 4 energy accounts in the first 30 days. Bonus at the leadership levels can range $50 to $125. You will also get residual income that will be paid monthly on each enrolled energy accounts. The Level of income can range from $0.50 to $3.00 per account.

Based off the compensation plan above, it seems as though you will have to work extremely hard to make money. The money actually won't come in until you reach the leadership level with this company. This why most Ignite Distributors get upset and call this opportunity a scam because of the strict payplan. In my opinion Ignite pay-plan sucks but it is far from a scam.

In order to be successful with Ignite Energy, you must learn how to market effectively. Your warm market will only take you so far. Most companies teach you how to approach your warm market and cold call leads. This is the number one reason why most network marketers fail in this industry. In order to explode you Ignite Energy business, you will need to learn how to attract people to you.  


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