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I know you have been looking to find information on Market America. Like you I was curious about market America. So, if you have landed on this article chances are that you are either joining Market America or you know somebody that is joining and you want to make sure that there is not an Market America scam or pyramid scheme going on.

First of all, there is no Market America scam or pyramid scheme and in this article I will explain how you can determine whether a company is a scam, pyramid scheme or a legit business opportunity.


What is a scam or pyramid scheme?

Now before we get started with the allegations and innuendos, first let’s determine what a scam is. A traditional scam in the world of network marketing business is better known as a pyramid scheme.  Now in this case you will have a company only doing business for the express purpose of build a downline only. This means, they do not have a least one or more tangible product or service to offer marketplace or their consumers. The only objective here is to make quick money by building a massive team of representatives or consultant. Having said that:

Here is something that you need to understand I am not affiliated with Market America in any way nor will I be asking you to join my business. Consequently, it is in your best interest to continue reading this outsider review because I will be showing you how I am able to generate 10-20 leads per day from the comfort of my own home business.


How do I decide if something is a scam or pyramid scheme?

To determine if a company is a scam you should first check on the company's history and background in the marketplace. Next, you want to know how long the company has been operating and also the success of the leadership team and/or key players.

In doing your due diligence, if somehow you find it difficult to gather the facts and reliable information on the well beings of the company, this would be your first red flag. However, if you do find information that will verify the stability and reliability like you will with Market America you will know that there is absolutely no scam involved.

Finally, when looking for a network marketing scam within a company is to look for the product or services they provide or if there is any product at all. When a company is just based on recruiting others and not selling or marketing their products, it is correct for you to assume there is something ‘fishy’ going on. So it is safe to say that most programs like this are surely illegal.


Here are someone some of facts and figures on this company

First, let me start by saying again, Market America is not a scam. However, Market America is a little bit different from a traditional network marketing company. Market America moves its product by having a one-to-one relationship with individuals that utilize the internet to market and sell their products. In many ways it's a franchise business but, not really a franchise and that is because it has been structured to offer all of the benefits that a franchise offer without the fees and overhead.

The Market America Company was founded in 1992 by James Ridinger. This company is headquartered in Greensboro North Carolina.  The owner of this company got his start in network marketing years ago with Amway and has developed several successful businesses. He has been able to partner with key individuals that have been successful with companies such as Herbalife, Amway and Mary Kay. Market America does business in countries all over the world.

One of the main factors of this business is that you are responsible for the shipping of your own product. The people working with this concept has coined phrase about their product distribution model which is called “malls without walls”. Based on the Alexis Internet ratings in February 2012 this company has ranked in the top 10% in internet traffic.

Market America is one of the largest uniquely structured Internet marketing companies in the world. They offer an array of everyday as well as unique product in addition to a strong line of healthcare and beauty products.

This network marketing company can be found all over the world and has received great reviews from many different customers. Many people have made great money with this company so there is definitely no need to worry about a Marketing America scam.


Why Do People Think Market America Scam? 

The internet is often the biggest reason why many people think of a scam when they learn of new home based businesses. The internet has constantly played in to many people’s fears over scam companies as there have been quite a few in the past few years.

 People are always gripped by the fear that they will invest their time and money only to lose what is theirs. Mostly, it is because they have not been successful and they are blaming the concept not necessarily the company and the company is the only one they can point the finger toward.

Fortunately, with Market America there is no scam and you can be sure that your money and your reputation will be safe within this company.


No Market America Scam – How Do I Make Money with Market America 

Since you know now that there is no Market America scam, you may be curious as to how you will make money with this company.

The first thing you will have to do is getting signed up for free. After you do your free signup you will be given instructions on what tools you will need to get your business started on how to make your sales. You will earn commissions on everything that you sell, direct sale bonuses, bonuses, as well as team commissions. This company has a broad variety of ways to make sure you can make a substantial income.

The business model of market America is somewhat like that of a traditional network marketing company. The similarities are that you have to recruit other individuals to become owners of their own business.

To qualify your business as a network marketing business you must purchase about $300 -$1000 in products and business materials. You must have enough products to accumulate a certain amount points in order to receive commission checks. The compensation plan requires two legs of business one late on the last one leg on the right. You will collect commissions based on the amount of traffic on volume you create with your partners that you have recruited.

Now, once you qualify to begin to make money with this system your sponsor will recommend you put together a list of people. You invite them to traditional network marketing presentations. To keep you center qualifies on quarterly basis you must have a minimum amount of product to be purchased and that depends on your rank and position.

At this time, even though there is no Market America scam, many people will not make the money they need to make. This is because these individuals lack the proper lead generation training which leads to 3% becoming successful and the other 97% with nothing thus, quitting.

Without the proper tools and training to generate targeted leads, building a home business can be very difficult. Making sure that you generate leads will ensure that your network marketing business will succeed.


Lead Generation to Help Your Business 

Knowing that you want your network marketing business to succeed I have this suggestion for you. Take time to investigate a proven attraction marketing system.

A network marketing lead generation system has allowed me to generate 10-20 leads per day, every day and even allows me to sponsor leads into my business.

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Following these methods will allow you to make the money that you need to and have no trouble making sure that you succeed with whatever network marketing!

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