Prepaid Legal Review: Online Success and Lead Generation

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Prepaid Legal Review: The Background

Prepaid Legal is an incredible company that is truly created by accident. Harland Stonecipher was in a head on collision with a lady who crossed the center line and she sued him. Makes sense right? He won but he was out his ENTIRE life savings. So did he really win? He founded the company in 1972 and went Public within the first 5 years. They are now on the NYSE: PPD. They have been in business since then and have grown every single year. This company is definitely based on a great foundation but being in the network marketing industry and direct sales industry there are inevitable a lot of people who disagree with this company because they haven't become successful in it. Those who say prepaid legal is a "Scam" are the ones who failed in their business by not making any money. The ones who make money love it and will never leave.

If you don't have a game plan for your prepaid legal business that you are 100% confident in. Use this free training that I'm going to GIVE you in this bootcamp. CLICK HERE to get it.

Prepaid Legal Review: The Services

Prepaid Legal offers GREAT services in both the legal industry and the identity theft industry. How it works is you pay a small monthly membership and you get access to attorneys for ANY legal situation you may have. The MAIN bullet points are

  • Unlimited Phone Consultation and Advice on ANY given matter.
  • Letters and phone calls written and made on your behalf up to one per issue matter.
  • Motor Vehicle Legal insurance in case you ever get a DEFENSIBLE speeding ticket. Drivers license assistance.
  • Trial Defense Services in case you get Sued in a job related criminal lawsuit or a civil lawsuit.
  • 25% discount on ANYTHING that isn't covered in the regular monthly membership.
  • WILL PREPARATION for you and your spouse which would normally be THOUSANDS of dollars.
  • Legal Shield which is 24 hour access 7 days a week in case of an emergency.
  • Identity theft shield that includes more than just financial identity theft. It is character and criminal, financial, SSN, Drivers License, and Medical. The best part is they go in and monitor your credit, give you a credit report, and go in AS you and restore your identity back to what it was pre theft status.

How it works is you pick up the phone, dial the number, and give them your membership number. Tell them what is going on and they actually get you in contact with an attorney within 1-2 business days.

Prepaid Legal Compensation: Broken Down

The compensation for prepaid is not as complicated as it looks. You get paid 3 MAIN ways.

  1. Personal Sales
  2. Team Override Sales
  3. Residual Income

Personal sales is when you market a membership and get paid up front commission on your sale.
Team Override Sales is when you are a director and you have a new Senior Associate and he/she makes a sale you get paid the difference between the two levels.
Residual income is the best part. Its when you market a membership and they keep it for a long time and you get paid as long as they keep it!
You Can View the Prepaid Legal Compensation here based off of the $26 a month membership.
Prepaid legal
This is something that is very simple but for the new marketer can be complicated. Just know that THEY DO PAY!
Recently prepaid legal partnered with Blastoff which is a huge partnership for a lot of prepaid legal associates. The reason is it is an online platform that takes a lot of the sales out of the equation. BUT that doesn't mean the work is done for you. You still have to work to make money. JUST like your job. If you don't work in the beginning you can never see the retirement after 20 years. Although this may be faster it doesn't mean it is easier.

If you don't have a game plan for your prepaid legal business that you are 100% confident in. Use this free training that I'm going to GIVE you in this bootcamp. CLICK HERE to get it.

How much does Prepaid Legal Cost?

When you get started with JUST the membership without the identity theft shield it is $26 per month with a ONE time $10 application fee. If you do it WITH the identity theft shield it is about $36 per month. Joining prepaid legal could cost you $249 for the business opportunity. There are two people who I recommend working with because they KNOW what they are doing. Shunt and Amanda Nishanian. you can Click HERE to find out more.

 Is Prepaid Legal Right for you?

Although you can make a TON of money with prepaid legal if you don't have a game plan set or plan on learning to do it the right way you may not succeed. BUT if you are willing to do what it takes as long as it takes you WILL succeed

The truth is there isn't ONE method that is a "fit all" method. If you learn something that works for you it MAY not work for me. BUT if you find something that works for you KEEP DOING IT!
I would say DO NOT JOIN prepaid legal or any other network marketing company until you know that you want to market and you are willing to learn what it takes to become successful inside of prepaid legal. Just know that this is one of the greatest opportunities out there but you still have to realize that in order to succeed you'll need to FAIL and FAIL again.

If you don't have a game plan for your prepaid legal business that you are 100% confident in. Use this free training that I'm going to GIVE you in this bootcamp. CLICK HERE to get it.

You can Succeed In Prepaid Legal

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