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Is Shaklee Scam A Legit Business Opportunity To Start Making a Profit!

I accidentally came across this health and wellness network marketing opportunity called Shaklee. Therefore, I am carefully doing my due diligence first to find out if this Shaklee Scam is really a legit MLM company or just one of those pyramid schemes that is spread all over online. So, This is what I learned if this Shaklee Scam is a real home based business in the Multi-level marketing industry.

Chiropractor Dr. Forrest C. Shaklee is the original founder of Shaklee. They are located in the headquarters in the San Francisco Bay area that is being discovered with the Shaklee product line along side with his two sons to assemble or produce  nutritional supplements back in the mid 1950′s. Therefore, Dr. Forrest C. Shaklee made the decision to start promoting their products line implementing the network marketing business model by word of mouth advertising. Shaklee is currently expanding their business outside the United States in Canada, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Taiwan and China. The Shaklee Scam from the reviews online states that they have over 750,000 distributors and consumers in Shaklee worldwide. Therefore, Shaklee Scam isn’t really a pyramid scheme after all and are doing very well.  

In the early 1960′s Shaklee started selling and advertising organic, biodegradable cleaning products, as well as weight loss management, vitamins, beauty products and household items that are added to their product line in the Multi-level marketing industry. To promote the Shaklee products, Dr. Shaklee emphasized “natural” and “environmentally-friendly” in his marketing messages. It was a concept that wasn’t happening at the time in the network marketing industry. So, you see Shaklee Scam is for real because they are selling a product or a service. If Shaklee Scam was a pyramid scheme the company wouldn’t be selling a product or service, It would rather concentrate on recruiting. So this is not case from this Shaklee Scam Review that you are reading right now!

Individuals who sign up as a distributor with Shaklee, they get to have access to all their education, training and marketing materials to get started to recruit potential prospects within the company from this Shaklee Review from your own efforts in a home based business. You can absolutely achieve success from this Shaklee Scam and online review and 6-7 figures income potential to explode your network marketing business. However,you can begin networking with other thriving Shaklee distributors in the industry as well as the executives, CEO and entrepreneurs backed by this Shaklee Scam and online review Corporation today.

With these Shaklee Scam Reviews on the internet that they can be biased in MLM.

The company states that a Shaklee Scam is promoting or selling  their product line as “Always green, always works and always safe.” Therefore from this Shaklee Review they are also providing a solution to the customers problems with an all-natural solutions at your home or for body from the products that they are promoting that is being mentioned through out this article.

As for young kids or adults, it is definitely safe for to use on any of the Shaklee products that they offer to the consumers from this Shaklee Review. They also have product lines that they offer to the young customers, Shaklee kids and Shaklee babies that are being specifically targeted to start promoting their products in network marketing. After carefully doing my due diligence to figure out if Shaklee Scam is really a network marketing pyramid scheme or not. In my conclusion it is indeed a real network marketing business opportunity that you can definitely start make additional income streams from home.

Shaklee Scam! No way, you can start making profits right away from this Shaklee Review with the proper training and tools!

The only issue is how to start marketing your Shaklee business opportunity properly using the internet. You are trained from your sponsor to start calling  or hassling your list of 100 friends and family, doing house parties, buying opportunity seeker leads and distributing company DVDs’ or brochures to strangers. In reality, these old school strategies only work for 3% of marketers in multi-level marketing that achieve success as distributors from this Shaklee Scam and online review. So there is a much better way to succeed in Multi-level marketing is learning to blend the online techniques with the offline methods together. You can use leverage on using the  internet to reach thousands or even millions of potential prospects not only in North America, but worldwide. Now, after you are reading this Shaklee Scam, You just realized it isn’t a scam and can start making residual income in this industry for the long term in network marketing.


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