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By Rick Hoening

Start Living Your Dreams

With PYXISM you can take control of your financial future right now and start living your dreams. You can give up commuting and making your boss rich. Be your own boss and  get out of debt plus make more money! You can achieve financial security with a successful home-based business.

Finally here is a home-based business opportunity that cuts through the smoke and mirrors, hype, and rah-rah and provides you with quality products and a genuine opportunity which has the potential to actually improve your financial situation. We offer something you can feel good about sharing with others.

Small Price, Big Rewards

Capitalize on the vast potential of the top growing trend,  travel &  Internet home-based business phenomenon. You are in business for only $325 and enjoy premium vacations for a fraction of the retail price. There are no pills, no potions, no lotions, no juice, no autoships, and no monthly fees!

Keep Your Team With You As You Build It: No Splits!

Our company has a REAL FOLLOW-ME MATRIX where YOUR TEAM NEVER SPLITS away from you when your matrix is full, unlike the traditional matrix plan offered by other companies. Our TRUE FOLLOW-ME MATRIX never, ever splits. No other matrix out there can even come close to our TRUE FOLLOW-ME MATRIX. It is designed so efficiently for both you and your team that you are paid with only 14 positions filled. Other splitting matrices take 24 to 31 positions to be filled in order for you to be at the top of your matrix before you get paid. Do the math! Plus, with our TRUE FOLLOW-ME MATRIX, you can receive spill-over and spill-under not only from your direct line, but also from their team members!      

Our Founder has developed and perfected a revolutionary 2x3 cycling matrix that never splits. He was frustrated with compensation plans that worked for the few and chewed up so many who were not masterful recruiters. He spent the last 12 years acquiring a profound understanding of a broad spectrum of compensation plans, and with his perspective, knowledge, and insight, he has designed a compensation plan that uses leverage and unique algorithms to produce tremendous wealth with a small, one-time expense. In fact, our TRUE FOLLOW-ME MATRIX is light years ahead of the other companies out there. 

PYXISM Compensation Plan Overview

While others boast and promise…PYXISM DELIVERS

How would a regular commission of $1,250 sound to you?

How about another $8,000 on top of that?

How about $1,000 in first and second generation bonus?

How about all of the above paid to you over and over again as you grow and support your team?
That is exactly what is in store for you at PYXISM!

PYXISM has re-engineered a widely utilized compensation structure: the 2 by 3 forced fill splitting matrix and created the “Truest Follow-Me” cycling matrix in home based business history.

Teamwork…The Foundation

PYXISM rewards and monetizes the very behavior that we believe creates both immediate and long term financial success for you and the individual members of your team…Working Together to build a strong Team! As you do your part you are also building the foundation for PYXISM to be a strong and lasting company. A company that you, our Associates, can count on for years to come and can be proud to represent

Keeping it simple by you sponsoring two who then sponsor two and so on will result in continuous cycles with amazing payouts at our Compass and Horizon Matrix Levels.

The “Truest Follow-Me”
The very nature of the structure of our “Truest Follow-Me” creates an environment of support and teamwork within each team organization in our company.

  1. Our matrix is built around a 2 by 3 cycling matrix that provides tremendous financial leverage from a small one-time out of pocket start up cost that can payout thousands to you.
  2. Your team members never come in side-by-side to you like they would in the bottom row of a forced filled matrix. It is this side-by-side placement that tears teams apart and destroys momentum as each matrix that you are on splits 4 times. On average 28 positions must be filled after you join a forced fill matrix in order to be paid a small amount and enter into a higher payout matrix.
  3. Our “Truest Follow-Me” never split and only requires that 14 positions be filled in order for you to be paid and enter into our higher paying Horizon matrix. PYXISM has perfected fill from the top software that creates amazing team unity as you all work together to fill each other’s matrices because they overlap each other. Your team never splits away from you.

4 Ways to Fill Your PYXISM Accelerated Team Matrix

  1. Personally Sponsor
  2. They Sponsor New Team Mates
  3. Spill-Over/Under from Upline & Sideline Associates
  4. Re-Entry of Leadership Teams

Your PYXISM Advantage... Your Matrix Fills From The Top Down filling your highest open position in your matrix!

The Money


 $325 One-Time, Out-of-Pocket Payment enters you into the matrix:

  • $300 Vacation Travel Purchase
  • $25 Associate Website Set Up Fee with Vacation Travel Purchase*
    *12 months from your start date and every 12 months thereafter, a $25 Annual Associate Maintenance Fee will be billed for the previous 12 months

Upon completion of Compass Matrix (only 14 positions need to be filled) when qualified with two sponsored members, You Receive:

  • Entry into upper level Horizon Matrix
  • Automated re-entry into Compass Matrix following your Sponsor (or $300 Cash)
  • An additional Vacation valued at over $500 each time you re-enter the Compass Matrix
  • *$1,250 commission payout on the second and all subsequent qualified Compass Matrix Completions (only 28 positions to this first payout and then 14 positions thereafter pays $1,250 over and over)


No additional Out-of-pocket Payment Required to enter (Paid from Compass Matrix)

Upon completion of Horizon Matrix when qualified with two sponsored members, PYXISM pays out $10,000.

You Receive:

  • $8,000 Cash
  • Automated re-entry into Horizon Matrix following your Sponsor
  • Additional Vacation valued at over $1,000 each time you re-enter Horizon Matrix

Sponsor Bonus ($2,000 Total):

  • $1,000 Cash to Sponsor*
  • $1,000 Cash to Sponsor’s Sponsor*
  • * Must be in Horizon Matrix but position does not have to be qualified

Travel & Vacation Products You Can Enjoy or Share 

U.S.-Based Company Committed To Your Success

We are a U.S.-based company, built on achieving success with integrity, ethics, and values, and operated by a team of dedicated professionals working together toward a common goal: commitment to win-win strategies for your long-term success and our company’s sustainable future. Your Success is Our Success.

We are a unique company among Internet-based companies and among network marketing companies. We dare to be so proud and bold as to tell you that this is a very, very special company full of honesty, heart, and determination to give ordinary people a home-based business in which they can generate solid financial security and the freedom to enjoy life as they please.

The Real Joy Of Success

For us, the real joy of success is being able to truly empower you to live life on your own terms -- and it can happen amazingly fast! It is what makes us tick. It is what makes us strive to offer the very best revolutionary compensation plan along with travel and vacation products that will create a lifetime of memories for you and your family -- a genuine opportunity you can feel good about sharing with others.

We are a family. We welcome you to check us out, and if it feels like home to you, stay, and be a part of this wonderful, exciting venture with us. There is a different way of living available to you, a hugely different possibility … if you can reach out and open the door. You hold the key in your hand, right now.

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