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Looking for a Skinny Body Care review?Skinny Body Care

Chances are you are doing some due diligence on the skinny body care business opportunity after someone pitched you the “opportunity”. I take it sparked some interest for you but you just wanted to look at what other people are saying about the company. I applaud you for taking the right action and wanting to learn about the company first. This Skinny body review will give you all the information you need to make an educated decision on whether this is the company for you.

If you do decide that the Skinny Body business opportunity is for you, I want you to read the entire review because I will also go over some information that has the potential to position you ahead of 95% of  ”SBC” distributors. 

Skinny Body Care- Overview Of The Company

So as you may know Skinny Body is a fairly new MLM company in the health and wellness niche. Usually when I review a company I like to point out the leadership behind the company. However, with this company, things are a little different. I wasn’t able to find much information on the people behind Skinny Body.

Personally for me, this is a little alarming. Now I’m not saying there is a Skinny Body scam, but I think this information should be provided for people looking into the opportunity.

Skinny Body Care- Just Another Health And Wellness Product?

The product is Skinny Fiber, which is stated to be the “ultimate weight loss product”. Some of the things the product does is suppress appetite, boost metabolism, and melt away fat. There has to be thousands of health and wellness companies in the mlm industry, so the competition is pretty high.

The question really is for you on whether you can see yourself becoming passionate about the product. If you can, then this might be the company for you.

The Compensation Plan

All right so we covered the foundation of what you need to know about the company, now lets go into how you get paid. Skinny Body has a comp plan that runs with a 3 x 8 matrix system. Don’t break your head trying to understand that, what all that really means is that people who sign up can fall under you. This is where the infamous “spillover” comes into play.

Spillover goes something like this.. You tell your friend to sign up, and that people are just going to fall under him as they sign up, without your friend having to do any work. This is can be dangerous. Think about it, if that is the method to get people in the business, who is going to do any work?


Overall, Skinny Body seems like a legitimate new company. There were a few things that were stated above that you might want to look into a little more if you are unsure. However if you feel this is the company for you, know that your success really factors on two factors, sponsoring people and selling the product.

The honest truth is that the majority of “SBC” distributors will never really see the success they desire. This isn’t because of the comp plan, or the product, it’s a sole lack of marketing training. My recommendation is to leverage an attraction marketing system that will brand you as a leader.

The reason Nathan wrote this Skinny Body Care review was to reach out to anyone looking into the opportunity. To learn how you can start generating 25 + Free Leads a day and start profiting from the 90% of people who will say NO to your business, visit Nathan’s MLM Training.

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