Weight Loss Market and how our businss opportunity will impact it's weight loss products.

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Posted on September 9, 2010 by admin

Do you know how large the Weight Loss Products Market is today?

Latest data from the Marketdata, Inc which analyses ten segments of
U.S. Diet industry, put it at $ 58 billion with a ” B” spent on
weight-loss products and services. In a 393-page study entitles: The
U.S. Weight Loss & Diet Control Market(9th edition,” Marketdata projects
6% growth to about $ 68.7 billion, follow thereafter with lower growth.

Data reports that their is a huge market ahead when it comes to the
amount of money that is spent by the American Consumer on weight-loss

Our business opportunity just announced a new meal replacement and weight loss products.
These products will be a be a perfect fit to their existing line of great products that are already part of their great product family.
It will have more nutrition per calorie than any other weight loss product
on the market! Monavie will offer a choice in weight loss products in the
form of powder, ready-to-drink, meal replacement yogurt bars,and an
appetite suppressant pill. Also coming are 2oz single shots of your
favorite acai juice. This will be a great product for those of that
travel also can be used giving away as samples for those that meet.

We believe this will be a hit for those individuals that are looking for
a legitimate weight loss product. Moreover, I believe it to be a hit
for those distributor that promote this product as well


Chris & Karen

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