What Is 5LINX -- Is This The Network Marketing Business For YOUR SUCCESS?----- An Insider's Viewpoint

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What Is 5LINX  -- Is This The Network Marketing Business For YOUR SUCCESS?----- An Insider's Viewpoint

What Is 5LINX

Welcome To The E-Tablet World

Here is my story of why I made a decision to post this review about What Is 5LINX. Several years ago I was approached by an acquaintance asking me to take a look at a business opportunity they had just become involved in.  She gave me a magazine called Your Business at Home. As I was flipping through the pages I noticed entire magazine was dedicated to an organization called 5LINX. I wasn’t positive if this home-based business journal featured a Network Marketing company with each version or if 5LINX had its own magazine. Either way I was somewhat intrigued.


That time around I didn’t give the investigation much of my time because I was not wanting into joining aMLMcompany. Fast forward a couple of years later, the questionWhat Is 5LINX got my attention once more as a result of me being interested in being in a business opportunity. This time around I decided to do my due diligence.  Due to my own personal What Is 5LINX review of the 5LINX company I am personally suited to write this review addressing What Is 5LINX to assist anyone thinking about joining.


Remember, I did become a part of the 5LINX community, nevertheless; I will be giving you a non-biased evaluation of the company from an insider’s perspective for this review looking into What Is 5LINX.


What Is 5LINX – Is This The Network Marketing Business ForYOUR SUCCESS-THE COMPANY


My What is 5LINX review begins with a look a the 5LINX leadership.  5LINX was established in 2000 by three business savvy gentlemen; Craig Jerabeck, Jason Guck and Jeb Tyler. Jerabeck has an extensive background in the telecommunications industry proudly owning and developing 2 different companies with over a hundred shops combined. Gunk and Tyler have a combined 30 years expertise in the network marketing and internet advertising. Their vision is to assist many individuals in creating life changing residual revenue by way of their company.


What Is 5LINX - Is This The Network Marketing Business For YOUR SUCCESS- THE PRODUCTS


5LINX considers itself the true one-stop store for all telecommunications merchandise and services. When one considers What Is 5LINX, one has to be impress with their product and services offer.  Their offers include:

  • New-Velocity-welcome to the e-pad world
  • 5LINX Energy (Residential & Business)
  • Text Alertz-business advertising via text messaging
  • Business Elite
  • Security Systems
  • ID Guard
  • Satellite TV
  • High Speed Internet
  • Merchant Services
  • Business Elite – Complete Business Package In A Box
  • Cell Phones & Cell Phone Plans


What is 5LINX is pretty well defined by the 5LINX's array of Products And Services….wouldn’t you agree.  And their all products and services that YOU ALREADY USE.


WHAT IS 5LINX - Is This The Network Marketing Business For YOUR SUCCESS- THE COMPENSATION PLAN


My What Is 5LINX review find the Compensation Plan was created to acquire quick earnings in addition to long term residual income. There are two beginning levels in the 5LINX Compensation Plan, Customer Consultant $99, and Independent Marketing Representative- $250. There are also 5 management levels titled Executive Coach, Executive Director, National Director, Senior Vice President, and Platinum Senior Vice President. Of course, the higher your rank the higher your pay level. Your pay is dependent on what number of associates you sponsor and how many active clients you have that pay a monthly service fee for a service or product they purchased through your network. Each level has a certain amount buyer point total and group member requirements in order to obtain a bonus and to maneuver up in the ranks.


This explanation of What Is 5LINX is not meant to give you the total understanding of the 5LINX compensation plan; just a snap-shot overview.  The 5LINX compensation plan is much more in depth than what I will cover here. Please do your personal analysis and due diligence to understand the whole rationalization of the compensation plan.

 What Is 5LINX -- The Video -- Top Performer

What Is 5LINX

What Is 5LINX– Is This The Network Marketing Business For YOUR SUCCESS-Conclusion


Recommendation, via my review on What Is 5LINX concludes that this company is definitely a viable choice for a home business opportunity. It has co-founders with professional backgrounds in business advertising and marketing and telecommunications.  The product offerings are something everybody can use, and the compensation plan has an enormous upside. My What Is 5LINX review raises only one concern, and that is the competition in this sector of the network marketing arena.  With several Telecommunication firms vying for the top spot, it's crucial that you have the advertising expertise and instruments to put you and your company in the forefront.

You must harness the power of the internet to successfully market 5LINX to its fortune.
Ellis wrote this What Is 5LINX review for people looking into this company. Sadly, most 5Linx distributors will never see the success they desire because they lack the marketing skills to generate sufficient leads for their company.

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What Is 5LINX– Is This The Network Marketing Business For YOUR SUCCESS?


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