Zurvita Review- A Legit Network Marketing Business Opportunity Or A Scam

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"Zurvita Review"

Your contemplating in getting involved in a business opportunity, Nonetheless this is a Zurvita Review if you are considering in joining this network marketing company.  This is a well written MLM Company review that is on Zurvita, So I can  give you a better understanding on this Zurvita Review if it is really a legitimate business opportunity.

I strongly recommend to read this Zurvita review in its entirety to determine if this is the right company for you to join if you are serious to get started in building a successful business.

Zurvita Background

Mark and Tray Jarvis are the co founders of Zurvita back in 2008. In fact, the company really didn’t start promoting anything when they first got started in MLM.  Going forward 3 years later in early 2011 after making a quite a few changes from this Zurvita Review, They made the decision to get involved in the health and wellness industry.

Not many MLM companies wouldn’t have gone this far after 3 years with a company not selling a product. However, The founders and leaders of Zurvita did their research on a product that they can be proud of.   

There has been certain amount of growth and momentum according to this Zurvita Review that became part of the health and wellness industry since Februray 2011 for the last 10 months. The company continues to generate more sales and signing new reps into the business opportunity.

Zurvita Review On Theses Health and Wellness Products

After cautiously going through this Zurvita Review, The company had announced that they were going to transform into a health and wellness company after 3 years NOT selling a product. They survived during those times because of their leadership not because of the product or compensation plan. Many people were wondering what the company was bringing to the table from this Zurvita Review.

The product Zurvita revealed is a health nutritional energy drink that is called “Zeal Wellness. Thus, For the past 10 months this Zeal Wellness product were selling very fast and there has been a lot of positive reviews on this delicious product from this Zurvita Review. Zeal is definitely a fantastic product and people are more open to take a look at this business opportunity and their ideas on their health and wellness products.

After Going Through This Zurvita Review, Can You Really Make Money in MLM Or Is It A Pyramid Scheme?

As for getting paid from this Zurvita Review that offers a generous compensation plan for those that are serious in building a successful Zurvita MLM business opportunity. You can get paid from Immediate Income, Leadership Bonuses, and Monthly Residual Income. Also based on your efforts, You can potentially get a car bonus as well for being one of the top income earners with Zurvita.

In reality, a lot of so called reps will not make a single dime as a consultant after reading this Zurvita Review on the internet. They claim it is a Zurivita Scam because they came across articles or marketing forums from former reps with the so called Zurvita Review online that are making that accusation that they are a pyramid scheme.

They are bashing the company because they didn’t take their business seriously who are lazy procrastinators that didn’t do the actual work to build a successful MLM business.

The problem is that most people don’t have the right mindset on what it takes to build a successful MLM business opportunity. Just joining Zurvita or any business opportunity isn’t the solution to solve your financial issues but rather than a opportunity. Nonetheless, It is based on your efforts from this Zurvita Review to solve your solution on what it takes to thrive in a business right now!

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