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Abundance is literally everywhere, so it makes me angry to see good people who deserve success missing out on it. My partners and I got mad enough to do something about it and created a learning opportunity that’s too good to pass up. It’s coming up on the 21st and 22nd of this month in Scottsdale, Arizona and it’s going to fill up fast.

Imagine spending two days up close with some of the hottest entrepreneurs in business today. Have you ever bought some celebrity “Joe Blow” seminar ticket only to discover that “Joe” isn’t even there? Oh, sure, they’ve got his books for sale and his picture might be up on the big screen, but that’s as close as you’re going to get. THAT makes me angry too, and that’s not what we’re talking about here.

Seeing you succeed as an entrepreneur matters so much to me that my partners and I are putting you within handshaking distance of the real people who built one of today’s hottest Inc. 5000 real estate companies at a LIVE two day Real Estate Intensive. They rank # 1320 overall and 29th in real estate as one of the fastest growing privately held companies in America - what Inc. Magazinecalls "entrepreneurial superstars."

Here’s a little background on the key presenter:

  • His real estate business has created 100% growth  for 7 straight years
  • He has produced those results in the WORST housing market the country has ever seen
  • His company sold more than 300 properties to investors in 2011
  • He’s on track to sell more than 600 properties in 2012
  • 70-80% of his buyers are out of state and 50% of them have never been to the state where he lives - now that's trust
  • His average client buys 2.8 properties per year
  • Repeat business is the single largest growing sector of his business
  • Referrals are his single largest area of client growth
  • His company is the LARGEST privately owned investment property wholesaler in the country
  • He has over 1,200 property management deals with one of the largest firms in his home state
  • His family personally owns over 120 rental properties several commercial buildings

His name is Kent Clothier, and his company, Memphis Invest, is one of the most inspiring success stories you’ll ever hear. Now, imagine yourself creating this kind of success on a daily basis, even if you’ve never had any previous experience in real estate. As it turns out, Kent and his family are on a mission to give back and teach others how to do what they’ve done with tools that anyone can learn and apply.

In partnership with Kent, Real Estate Worldwide has the EXCLUSIVE license to the Memphis Invest technology and we’ve built a complete education SYSTEM that shows every investor – novice to expert – how to create the same momentum and success that Memphis Invest has enjoyed. Some of the “celebrity” seminars in this space cost THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS and don’t come close to equipping anyone for practical success the way Kent does through Real Estate Worldwide.

Here’s a sample of the topics Kent will be covering with you personally at the two day Real Estate Intensive:

  • Hard data why NOW is a GREAT TIME to profit from real estate
  • How and where to find CASH BUYERS
  • What reverse wholesaling is and why it’s the BEST way to flip houses
  • Proven strategies for recognizing and acting on hot real estate values
  • How analyze deals and negotiate with sellers
  • 15 market-tested keys to overcoming objections and obstacles
  • Where to find private money and LOTS of it
  • Marketing strategies and multiple streams of income
  • Exclusive tools and training materials not available to the general public

You won’t just hear a bunch of theories and get thrown into the deep end to flounder on your own. You’ll get to explore the S.M.A.R.T. educational system that teaches you step by step how to leverage ALL the business intelligence that Kent uses to drive the phenomenal growth of Memphis Invest.

These are realistic, practical resources you can trust.

The Real Estate Worldwide educational process is based on SEVEN YEARS of research and development, and backed by Kent Clothier’s consistent results with Memphis Invest. This is an unprecedented support system that gets you started fast, connects you to expert guidance and keeps you moving forward. Now you have a choice… you can get mad or get busy.

The S.M.A.R.T. system also includes exclusive access to a national database of CASH BUYERS and PRIVATE LENDERS who can have a direct impact on your financial success. In addition to the time you’ll spend with Kent Clothier, you’ll get to network with other area professionals and build your resource base. Many top professionals attend the Real Estate Worldwide Intensives.

I want you to mark these dates, register now and make it happen.

Print out the ticket below and then go REGISTER your ticket.  Use "HAMBURGER" on the registration screen where it asks for your ticket ID#.  By inputting "HAMBURGER" you will allow me to pay the $197 for your ticket.

September 21-22, 2012 Scottsdale, AZ REGISTER HERE

Give us two days and we’ll give you a lifetime of earning power that will provide financial freedom for you and the people you care about for generations to come. One of two things is going to happen. You’ll either profit from an incredible learning opportunity that's unbelievably affordable, or you’ll be one of the people watching others ride the next wave of prosperity.



Michael Hamburger 


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