How To Reverse The 3 Basic Reasons You Are Forgotten After A Live Event

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3 Basic Reasons You Are Forgotten After A Live EventYou hear mentors and top leaders say you have to go to Conferences…you have to go to Live Events because that’s where you gain new perspective, get inspired, and where you get to feel the PULSE of the industry.

But the question to ask is how do I PREPARE for a conference so I get the most out of it?

There’s really more to the idea of going to a conference than just showing up.


You want this experience to be a worthwhile investment so that when you bump into a person that you recently met at a conference that…

They stare at you with a beaming image rather than a glaze look.


You don’t want to make these 3 mistakes.

There are three basic reasons why you are not remembered after a conference,


1. Professional Image-Your verbal and non-verbal behavior is not being recorded in people’s minds. If it doesn’t have a good enough meaning or is not MEMORABLE, it’s like the interaction never happened. YIKES!

I call it ‘Conference AMNESIA.’

Your business wear, your verbal output, your confidence level, your business card….all are opportunities for people to remember you. You are Sewing Seeds. Are they Eye-Catching?

Take for example your business card, it’s the cheapest form of marketing that conveys your identity.

Are you taking advantage of this marketing tool? According to Neil Patel, the look, feel and message on a card help people determine how they view you and more importantly, if they will even remember you.

Get Noticed By: packing a business card that is unique in look, feel and message. It can be the one piece in your weapon of INFLUENCE holster that will get you remembered long after Elvis has left the building.

Remember the saying, clothes make the man. Well, in business the first impression IS a lasting impression.

Pack clothes that speak to you, your confidence level, your message, your STYLE so that it will catch people’s attention.

I recently watched episodes of the TV cooking show, MasterChef America, and one of the chefs, Ben Starr, stood out from the pack when he wore colorful and apropos chef hats in every show he was on. It was part of his persona; it added to his message; and it was simply BRILLIANT, and memorable marketing! 

2. Storytelling- Your message has reached 120 decibels….which means it’s sheer, painful noise. You have moved beyond the normal speaking range of the human voice (20-50 decibels/dB) and as a result your message is being drowned out by static or noise. It's like you're talking at a level of a lawn mower, car horn, or a rock music concert....You got it...Super LOUD Noise! 

In this case, having a powerful range is equated with discomfort. You and your "unique message" is out of range and people want to cover their ears and avoid you at all cost.

Get Noticed By: having about 3 to 4 stories stored in your mind and be ready to tell them!

It’s normal for anecdotes or narratives to attract and engage people and help you be an easy to remember and MEANINGFUL memory when the time is right. Tell people about your clients’ or students’ successes.

By simply revealing the success stories of your clients or customers, you confirm your value and credibility. Stephen Covey would label it a benefit, it’s a win-win for all.

And the last mistake is…

3. Face Time-You stay under the radar. Osmosis is the desired method of choice to soak up knowledge. Your interaction with people at conferences is minimal and unidirectional.

You either watch others speak from a sitting position or hang out in groups (with same people you know) where you semi-acknowledge others’ interaction, occasionally say something about yourself, and seem more focused on partying up.

You are remembered not so much because of your professional accomplishments but more so because you were able to down 5 shots of Patrón and still manage to catch a good dose of your new buddy’s presentation from a first row spot.

Get Noticed By: studying the philosophy, successes, and moves of leaders in your industry. What is your "mentor" working on? Are you following her advice? If so, what results are you getting? What are you teaching others to do? What are the results of your students?

Stop whining, complaining, gossiping and focusing on negativity.

Avoid the need to tell people about what you’re about to do and just do it because by engaging in this negative process, you’re telling people that you’re not sure about your future and need to seek others to validate your dreams and wishes. 

Winners ask, "How can I help you?" Whereas losers ask, "What can you do for me?"  

Losers speak about what happened to them while Winners speak about and focus on the future.

Focus on the value people bring to the industry and how it is helping you reach your goals. By doing so you are providing your "mentor" added value, and giving information which he seeks to continue to improve his products and services. Who knows if by interacting at this level, you may end up in a Win-Win Partnership.


You just read 3 important reasons that people are easily forgotten.

In the end, it has to do with "meaning."

Are you providing meaningful information to people? Is your information creating a lasting and memorable impression?

Prepare for your next live event, conference, or networking event by following the tips given and see if you get noticed and remembered after the event.

Come back and share your story.

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