Preventing Identity Theft

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Identity theft crime is the number ONE infraction in the world.  We are going to explore the ways you can protect yourself against this unlawful intrusion of privacy.  There are 5 steps you can take to be smart about identity theft and be proactive in protecting your personal information.

Step one:  You should buy a shredder for your home office.  NEVER throw away any personal paperwork that comes in the mail.  After you are finished with personal documents always shred them.  Do not throw them in your trash because identity thieves like to dig through dumpsters and garbage cans.

Step two:  Do not mail out sensitive documents with personal information from YOUR mailbox.  Always take these documents to the post office to be mailed.  Identity thieves like to go through mailboxes when no one is at home to explore for new social security numbers and sensitive information.

Step three:  Keep a constant check on your credit report for erroneous activities.  If a credit application has been submitted in your name by another person you only have 60 days to dispute the application.  After 60 days is over you are then held responsible for that debt even if you did not create the debt.

Step four:  Have a plan in place to have your credit report monitored for you.  We all forget to do things.  Our schedules get so busy that most of the time our credit report is the last thing we think about until something bad happens.  Having a monitoring service in place will eliminate this activity in your life.

Step five:  If your identity is breached you will need an expert to help you recover your good credit score and reputation.  Most of us have no clue where to even start.  Filling out forms, filing a police report and notifying all your account holders is just the beginning of the process.  There is so much more that will have to be done.  So where do you start?

If you follow the steps I have given you here you can start the process of being proactive and being ready if it happens to you.  There is no way you can STOP it.  Let me repeat that.  There is no way YOU can stop identity theft!

So if you can't stop it you need to have something in place that will help you in case it does happen.  We have found a service that is the BEST identity theft product on the market today.  We recommend getting the Identity Theft Shield by Kroll/Prepaid Legal Services.  This product gives you an up-to-date credit report, they continuously monitor your credit file at all three credit repositories and if your accounts are breached they will assign a licensed investigator to correct the damages.  This includes working with public agencies and law enforcement personnel.  Fraud alerts are also sent out on your behalf to all repositories and affected companies or agencies.  Finally, they will do proactive searches of local and national databases to look for information you may not be aware of.

Take the time today to learn more about how preventing identity theft will make your life stress free.  We have utilized this service and we know it works.  Plus, if you act now, you can take advantage of this service for only $.43 cents a day.  If you would like more information on this product please visit the Identity Theft Shield website to learn more.

We have provided a video link on this product that will answer more of your questions.  We hope and pray this helps someone!

Helping You Succeed,

Kenny Perkins, Attraction Marketing Mentor

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