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Most people who get involved in network marketing will be excited and are willing to make the commitment. They jump in not realizing what they are getting into. Maybe they agreed to work so many hours a week, to talking to people, buying and selling product. This can lead to disappointment and failure for them because they don’t have the knowledge they need when they first begin.


Often the commitments you make at the beginning of a business are made with incomplete knowledge. This can come in many forms.

People underestimate the time they have available to work their business and not give the priority it needs. Maybe they don’t like the product, or

even forget to order it. They might even think you need to talk to family and friends. They just don’t have the correct knowledge to succeed.


Network marketing is a team sport. You have to have mentors and coaches and have commitment to stay in for the long run. If you have

a strong WHY it will keep you going when you want to quit. You as a leader can only work with people who are coachable and willing to put in the time. You can’t do it for someone. It is their network business and it

is up to them to learn all it takes to be successful. As a leader you can point and suggest but it is up to the person as to the direction they take.


There are only two options and either you are all in or you’re not.


To Your Success,

Judy MacEachran





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