Busyness, Snake Oil Salesmen, and Execution by Chris Brady

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In all of the talk one finds today regarding leadership, there is one aspect in particular that seems to be assumed (and often times erroneously). That one thing is execution. 

Productivity is a foundation stone for the credibility a leader must garner in order to influence others. There is no shortage of people who can act busy, be busy, get busy, or seem busy. There is also no shortage of people who have themselves convinced that because they work hard they are therefore effective. 

Busyness, however, is merely a snake oil salesman at the back of a rickety cart promising lotions and potions for all sorts of tricks. Sometimes, the potions work. After all, isn't real medicine itself a type of potion? But for the snake-oil salesman, most potions are mere hoaxes. That is what activity and busyness are. Sure, success requires hard work and busyness, effort and at times long, arduous hours. However, much of what passes as hard work is no more than a false elixir made to fool (often to the highest degree) the person who is doing the work. Don't fall for the con of your own activity level. Many, many people are busy, but it is the rare person who executes efficiently and effectively, considering priorities, living by the 80-20 rule, and posting results time and time again.

Are you good at getting things done? 

Do you execute compellingly?

Can you be counted on to finish what you start?

When given responsibility for a task, can you be trusted implicitly with its efficient and complete performance?

If not, you may consider your lack thereof as a limiter on your influence and credibility with others.

Just saying.

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