Da Main Network Marketing Secret Revealed Is To Program Your Mind Or Take A Nap!!!

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                                        This network marketing secret revealed will wake you up. Here is the reason why. You have to go with your gut feeling and take massive action. Stop looking left and stop looking right. You have been programmed by your parents, the news, your siblings, cousins etc. Who is going to be incharge in the end? The answer of course is you.

                                        Many of you drive the same car as your parents do. Here is the reason why. You thought that there was no other way around. Lets say your parents drove a Ford. Then you would buy a Ford as well. Because you were in the mindset of believing things whenever you see something. You were not a critical thinker like someone who was inventing something. As a person your way of thinking was going with the flow.

                                          The reason why people do not dare to do something new is because they either fear the consequences or they think that they will be better off without it. How do you know when something is right? The way you know when something is right is first of all listening exactly to what new skills your sponsor or person whom you admire became successful has done. You may not like the truth at first. But that shows that you are someone who is growing as a person by listening and following instructions.

                                           So many people think network marketing business is a sales business. It definitely is not. Ask yourself why the title of Think And Grow Rich was named that title. Napoleon Hill interviewed over 500 of the wealthiest men in America in that time. They learned skills on how to promote themselves and people had bought into their ideas. We just get too carried away with the word selling because so many people have been ripped off, beat up and tore up. That is because they were followers and they did not question anything. Everything in life there are rules and regulations. Some are spoken and others are unspoken. You have to be the judge.

                                             In network marketing when you communicate with your prospects is no different from being a janitor. Here is the reason why. Everybody knows that a janitor in a public school has to put amonia into the mop bucket to get the stains of the floor out. But what if he decides to mix it with bleach? There goes the problem then. It will be a posionous smell and people will evacuate the business. The same thing goes with your mind. Who are you listening to? Who are you following? Do they have experience in whatever endeavor that you so desire? If not your best option is to find people who are at a higher thinking level than you are. If not then you will have stinking thinking.

                                             When you are building your business and you are talking to women with small children for example, you need to build a strong relationship with that lady and then somewhere in the conversation you can use this magic sequence of the words where you will peak her instance. Lets say you are hanging out in the park and are having a conversation with her. When appropriate of course you test out this phrase from Tom Big Al Schrieter. "We all like to stay at home with the kids and we all like to help out with the household budget, but some moms have figured out a way to stay at home with the children and still get a full time paycheck."  If she likes you and tells you to tell her more. Then you have a prospect who will listen.

                                               Now she may not join right away. But she will always remember you. The key right here is to take massive action and be trainable. Because if you can turn a stranger into a friend. That is what matters in this business.

                                                                                                                    See You At The Top

                                                                                                                    Lawrence Bergfeld

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