Focus on the Process Not The Results!

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I have discovered in my business career over the years that many times people quit because they are more focused on results than the process.  It is the process  that one must focus on if they are going to succeed in whatever endeavor one undertakes.  We are taught to keep our eyes on the prize when going after our goals but many times we trip and fall because we aren't paying attention to path that leads to our success. There are may potential pot holes and road blocks on the way to success so one must pay more attention to steps to success than the desired results themselves.

It has been this discovery that has allowed me to stay focused in my home based business.  I focus everyday the actions I need to take that will lead to my desired results. For example I focus more on how many people I expose to my business as oppose to how many people I sign up.  When I focus on reaching my goal of exposing 20 people a day I have succeed when I reach that goal but if  I focused on signing up 1 person a day and I didn't get that sign up then I have failed for that day. Do you see the difference in mindset? Now come on, if I expose 20 people a day don't you think I will get some sign ups? The difference is focusing on the process that will by default lead to the results. I challange anyone out there that wants to improve their results with their business to try this slight change in philosophy and see how your business will change for the better.

To your continued success

Brian Hawkins



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