How Do People Make Money In Amway?

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In the world of network marketing no other company has greater name recognition than Amway Global, but is it possible to make money in Amway?  The answer to this question is a resounding "yes."  Amway Global has been the heavyweight of the direct selling industry for many years.  in 2009 alone, the company recorded over $8 billion in world wide sales.  Throughout the world consumers are buying the products and services offered by Independent Business Owners in mass quantity.

So what about the individual who is contemplating becoming a part of Amway?  The person who is looking for a better way of life, more freedom and more time with family.  Is it possible for that person also make money in this company?  Again the answer is a resounding "yes."  The network marketing business model has always offered the opportunity for an individual to achieve great financial and personal success.  This has been proven many times throughout the years in the Amway Global system.  The real reason so few achieve that level of success comes down to a few key issues.

The first issue is related to the desire of the individual.  So many enter into their Amway Global business through a home meeting, hotel meeting or online presentation.  During those presentations the individual is inspired by the imagery and examples of others who have been successful.  During that brief moment in time, the person begins to dream of the possibilities in their own life.  Swept up in the moment, they fill out the IBO application, order their starter kit and head off into the sunset with their mind filled with a whirlwind of hopes and aspirations.  Over time the reality of running a business sets in and the new business owner finds out that this truly is a business.  This is the place where the dream begins to fade unless desire takes over.   The desire for a better life must be strong enough that the distributor will keep pressing on to build their business, refusing to quit.  They must keep talking to people.  They must keep presenting the Amway product line and the business opportunity.   Without a level of desire that refuses to quit, they will ultimately lose heart and never see their dreams manifest into reality.

The second issue is distributor training.  Too many IBOs are guilty of treating their business like a hobby and not a true business enterprise.  This mindset causes them to take shortcuts on learning the skills necessary to be successful in their network marketing business.  It is critical that a distributor's training move beyond motivational CDs and presentations.  Their training needs to focus on the real operational mechanics of business building.   This should include such things as lead generation, online marketing and sales skills.  These are the fundamentals that will put the business owner in front of prospective buyers and team members.  Additionally they will acquire the skills necessary to convert leads into sales and new Independent Business Owners.

The final issue is discipline to the habits that breed success.  Many would be entrepreneurs wipe out of their business, because they lack the necessary discipline to apply the training they have been given.  This is the place that unwavering desire has to become the motivation behind their business building efforts.  All of the training in the world is worthless if it is not applied.  On the other hand, consistent and methodical execution of sound business building practices will allow a person to make money in the Amway Global system.  

Upon closer examination, the factors that keep people from making money in Amway are really issues of internal motivation and commitment.  When these issues are addressed, their really is no limit the money making potential of an Amway business.

A person can make money in Amway by mastering the skills of the business. Each week, Carl Willis provides weekly training to teach you the tools and strategies necessary to grow a profitable Amway Global business online.

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