Learning How To Learn Something New – The Pain and Pleasure in the Process

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When you’re building a business, sometimes you just have to learn something new.

So THIS BLOG is a direct result of me working to learn something new.  For most of my working life, I have been focused on building business and economic activity. So I do know something about marketing a product or a service. I understand markets. I know what it means to create buzz.

AND … I know about the power of the internet. I have been “online” since 1986 – when I purchased my first computer, and got my first email account. I am, by nature, an “early adopter.”

However … I DO NOT know INTERNET marketing. This is a whole new thing for me. Given my intention to share several great products and services, it has become IMPERATIVE that I learn this thing.

But it ain’t easy to learn ANYTHING that’s entirely new!!!! 

I’m thinking that LOT’S of people are now faced with having to do this, given how our lives are quickly evolving in these new economic times. So I thought I’d share what I’ve been doing to get over the PAIN in the process, and what it takes to get to the points of PLEASURE – so that I can just enjoy the process.

It became obvious to me that I had to learn this online marketing stuff because increasing numbers of people are both shopping online, and looking for ways of doing business – whether online or offline.  Both of these groups of people – customers / shoppers / clients – as well as people looking for a new or better business opportunity – are people with whom I want to connect. So … I gotta learn this stuff, right?!  Whether I like it or not. OK. But that’s pretty much how it goes with anything new, isn’t it?  You find you need to do something, but you don’t know how. You have two choices. You can take on the pain of learning that new thing, or you can avoid it by any means necessary: deciding you ‘don’t really want that new thing;’ or you can muddling through without learning it, and generating no or mediocre results; or even paying someone else to do it for you. That last option can actually work, if you have the resources. The only problem might be that if this is YOUR BUSINESS, you’ll have to find someone who will actually be working on your behalf. Someone like a family member or legal business partner, who won’t leave, taking the essential business knowledge with them.

Next – I had to see that are no really easy ways to do it.  Whether you use Facebook, or LinkedIn, or Twitter, or a great mass-marketing blog site like Empower Network, I STILL had to learn the basics of what it takes to grab attention on the internet! 

I think the scariest thing I had to learn was a whole new language, and a brand new set of ideas and practices reflected in that language. Blogging daily. SEO. Back linking.  Analytics.  Google ranking. And on. And on.  Dizzying. Crazy-making.  At least for me. Is that how it is for you, when you are first approaching something new?  Do you find that the language alone makes you want to crawl under your blankie and take a nap?  Well – it’s nice for about 30 minutes, and then you wake up to find the issue still at hand. What I did was to just allow myself to listen, and watch. For a while. Well – ok – for a very long while. But after a few weeks … ok … a few MONTHS … I began to get used to the terms, and to distinguish one word from the next.  It was very much like learning a foreign language. After I got more comfortable with the language, I found it less scary to actually approach the task. I actually began to look forward to the times when I could focus on getting my blogs into action. My first post was actually an exciting achievement! I wanted to call my closest friends, and tell them to go read it!

The lesson I’m taking from this is that I could hold my fear of learning something new with trepidation and anxiety and paralysis, or, I could choose to hold my fear with anticipation and excitement and curiosity.  The first position makes my failure inevitable. The second position makes my success inevitable. I hope my lesson helps you in getting over the pain of learning something new, and moves you into the pleasure in the process.



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