One Of The Most Exclusive MLM Truths On The Planet Earth Is to Flush Procrastination Down Da Toilet And Take Massive Action

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                                  One of the most intelligent  mlm truths on the planet is to stop procrastinating or else you will struggle to keep you head over water. Here is how you stop it.

                                     Be lazer focus on your goal and remind yourself of your goals each and every day. Remember back in school how teachers used to make us write 100 times “I will not chew gum in class”? You need to do the same thing right here to tell yourself “I am having fun accomplishing my goal”, you are putting it out to the universe that you are having fun. Guess what happens when you put positive energy to the universe. You attract more positive energy to you.

                                      The way you set a deadline is by making sure that it is a deadline that you can handle. Think about when you lift a too heavy weight when working out at the gym. You strain your muscle and are in a sling. You do not want to have that happen right over here. If you were a disciplined student back in high school and college you have handed in your homework before the deadline arrived. So you should set your deadline that way as well. Then you will be on target.

                                      Napoleon Hill states in his book Think and Grow Rich that there is no such thing as the right timing. The timing will never be right. Think about playing checkers with a partner. The pieces are always moving whether you are playing the game or not. If you do not know where to move your piece all of the pieces will be off. Same with time if you do not set your time like the teachers set the classroom schedule in college. That is starting time and ending time. Your time will be lost.

                                      Therefore you must plan your day the night before you go to bed each day. List the things that you can not stand doing so that you spend more time with the fun stuff. You have to visualize yourself finishing your duties on times. If you do that mentally like if you were auditioning for a play you can cut your procrastination out.

                                     There is no such thing as anything easy in life. If we were to live without any challenges we would drop dead faster due to the fact that the more removed we are from the activites that get us to where we want to go day by day the more our brains die out.

                                    Lets just take massive action like Bill Gates did when he invented the machine that we are using which is of course da computer!!!

                                   See you at the top!!!

                                                                                             Lawrence Bergfeld

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