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What is your definition of Success?

We all have one? 

 There's that old saying that he who dies with the most toys wins.

 I'm guessing that if you're reading this you probably laughed but that's not your definition.

 Yes, there's financial abundance (and security), the stewardship of a thriving business, and abundant, full relationships, and your health and well being. 

 However, in this very busy world, sometimes people neglect to consider OTHERS, and they become  ME centered.  So the question today is 'what are you doing to make a difference in your community and the world around you?'

 Well, hopefully, you've thought about this question before now, but if not, perhaps this article will fire you up, because SERVICE is a cornerstone of our Industry, our TEAMS:  Women with Dreams & residual Money secrets,  and our family.  

 Now don't misunderstand me, just like you, we work hard and enjoy the fruits of our labor; we enjoy nice things.  I consciously made the decision to enter the industry of network marketing 16 years ago because I knew it would give our family both time and money freedom -- and it's the time freedom that allows me to give back in many ways.

However, since I am in the people business I watch behavior, and not too long ago I asked a friend of mine who was getting ready to buy his 5th beach house, 'just exactly how many houses do you need on the beach?'  I was surprised at the answer.  Life is not always about the next dollar!  Although as Rita Davenport says 'Money is right on up there with oxygen!'

 So when my September copy of Success Magazine arrived and I learned that it was
dedicated to how people make a difference in other peoples' lives, I was excited!


Darren Hardy, Publisher of Success Magazine started off its special insert CD with the  with a quote from my favorite mentor, Jim Rohn  'Giving Starts Receiving Process.'

 Darren and I are alike in that we love Jim Rohn and it took us a while to get our heads around that quote.

Darren explained its meaning so well that -- it's what the actual act of giving does for you. 

 So in this article I want to summarize what Darren shared AND I want to encourage you to go find the Sepember 2010 issue of Success Magazine so you get the full breadth and depth of what not only he shared but the amazing interviews he had with two great resources:



Harvey McKinnon

 Harvey McKinnon on the Power of Giving, a second interview with the co-founders of The Invisible Children, another interview with Michael Dell on the importance of giving and the role it plays for their family, and the issue goes on and on about the art of giving!

  Invisible Children Co-Founders and CEO  

Here are some quick facts I jotted down about giving:

 1)  Not only does giving just make you feel good, but there is medical reserach
to PROVE it changes your body physiolgically . . .

 In 1988 Alan Lux, MD found the following

  a)  More than 50% of the people studied who gave of themselves received a 'helpers 
 b)  Giving boosted the immune system both short-term and long-term
 c)  43% felt strong
 d)  13% had fewer aches and pains

 In yet another study that lasted 50 years, it showed that giving and/or helping others
 a)  Extended your life -- even those with serious illnesses including
      HIV, heart disease, and MS
 b)  Your body is impacted on several levels:  neurologically, hormonally, and
      your immune system
 c)  People who give live longer than those who don't
 d)  Helping/Giving extends life EVEN more than exercising four times per week
 e)  Those who began giving/helping in High School experienced better mental and
      physical health throughout their lifetime.

 2)  Okay, so if the scientific facts weren't enough to motivate you to give, there's always the tax man.  I'm not going to even go there, because that's not the purpose of this entry, but just think about it, Uncle Sam, does give you a credit for giving!

 3)  Next, it's EASY TO GIVE!

 You can give in many ways that aren't painful -- our church, Calvary Chapel has a program called Love Out Loud where we go on a Saturday morning and assist someone who may need a meal cooked, a house or yard cleaned, maybe even a home or car repair.  They don't have to belong to our church, but we 'love on them.'

 You can make a difference by teaching your child empathy, by teaching them to give their outgrown toys to those less fortunate . . . many of you know that our family has done a big Christmas program for years, and now my son, Trent is beginning to spearhead some of the work on the toy and clothing drive parts of it.


Here are Darren Hardy's top 10 ways to get going in the Giving/Helping area


1)  Tithe of your time


  2)  Tithe of your ideas to assist someone else in growing   


 3)  Tithe of your connections to benefit others




4)  Give your ear -- lend your ear for those who need someone to talk to be it a co-worker,  friend, family member, or an elderly person








5)  Give your heart -- baby cuddling, elderly, animals


6)  Tithe your talents -- are you a great photograher, admin assistant, computer whiz


 7)  Tithe your resources -- do you have spare office space (perhaps you've downsized some employees), printers, computers, office     workers, a car, perhaps a bedroom for a foreign student


 8)  Tithe your passion -- baseball, cooking, outdoors, reading -- become a coach or afterschool program teacher-- I appreciate the men that volunteer to coach my son's football team at Calvary Christian! 


 9)  Tithe your Wisdom -- Mentor others for Greatness -- start Young -- we support Scouting -- this is my daughter at her Brownie Fly Up this Summer -- I'm a Junior Girl Scout Leader.  Investing in our Youth is Important -- they are our Future Leaders.  Investing in People is important.  The 4 most important words . . . "I Believe in You"



10) Tithe your Money -- Yes, nothing gets done without money.  And, it's His money anyways, He's just temporarily blessed us with it.


Just a quick comment on tithing.  I was nervous to tithe, but when I began tithing (giving 10% of my income), my business increased by 20%).  God commands us to give. Leviticus 27:30 says “Every tithe of the land, whether of the seed of the land or of the fruit of the trees, is the Lord’s; it is holy to the Lord'

 However, in these economic times, God knows your heart.  Don't let Money hold you back!  And, for those with money, sometimes it's just easier to write a check than to really be involved.  So there is truly a balance.

 Darren says pick 3 ways to GIVE right now -- and commit to giving in these 3 areas
in the next 30 days.  And commit to doing something today in one of those 3.

 As for our family, well, we serve at Calvary, we have our BIG Christmas toy and clothing
eveent where we typically serve 3 - 4 families and about 10 - 15 kids, I'm a
Girl Scout Leader, I help with the Boy Scouts, and I try, to hit all 10 of Darren's
suggested ways to Tithe.

 I can personally attest that GIVING does make you FEEL GOOD!

 So, take the challenge, give where you can.  You will be richly blessed.

 Jim Rohn is right . . . What you earn makes you a living; what you give (and contribute) makes you a life! 

 Please let me know where you decide to give or what you're already doing!  I love to hear from you! 




Debbie Wysocki is the owner of Women with Dreams and residual Money secrets – companies that empower the average person to live an extraordinary life by teaching how to build profitable businesses in the network marketing arena.  She is a wife, mom, volunteer, a top producer in the MLM industry, a wellness educator,  a real estate investor, author, trainer, and former Beverly Hills financial analyst who is passionate about helping others succeed. Her motto is ‘How you do anything, is how you do everything!’  For more information or to contact Debbie directly at [email protected]  or 954-781-6629

































































































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