How To Break Through The Stuff That Holds You Back

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I tend to have some pretty deep conversations
with my best friend and colleague, and the
other day was no exception

We were talking about the different kinds of
people we encounter in our businesses

Like how enjoyable it is when we see someone
grab hold of what we showed them, apply it in
their business and start having some success...

And how it hurts our hearts when we see
intelligent, capable people who for some reason
or another just aren't moving forward, despite
their willingness to stay "in the game"

There seems to be something blocking them

(I'll bet you know some people like this)

You want the world for them, but after awhile,
you realize there's really nothing you can do
to help them until their inner game changes

They gotta be willing to quit allowing their
"stuff" to get in the way

Truth is, we ALL have stuff

I do, Mike Dillard, Diane Hochman, Ray Higdon,
and Eric Worre do too

So does the grocery store clerk and the CEO
of a Fortune 500 company


Some people wear their "stuff" like a suit of
armor and make it into a shield between them
and the world

They hang onto it because it serves to protect
their psyche

It's made up of all those things they've been
told about what they're lacking and not "enough"
about them

Not smart enough, good enough, old enough, young
enough, pretty enough, talented enough, creative
enough, compassionate enough, experienced enough...

The list goes on infinitum

They point to it whenever they don't make progress,
or have a setback or encounter something new

Instead of embracing possibility, they clutch their
baggage to their chest, using it as the "reason"
they can't do/achieve something

They keep hoping, keep looking, keep saying they
want to be successful but those old scripts are
playing in their heads and they remain stuck

On the other hand, successful people have learned
to question their beliefs about themselves and
replace those that block them with ones that are

For example,

"I can't cause I don't know how to do it"

Was replaced with

"I can learn how this is done!"

One by one...and over time...the competent, capable
person they REALLY were emerged

Despite their baggage!

Questioning and discarding the beliefs that don't
serve us takes courage and requires leaving the
past in the past, but it can be done

One limiting belief at a time, the weight of our
baggage gets lighter and lighter

Until one day...

We SOAR!!!!!!!!!!!

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