How To Attract Customers For The MLM Results You Want

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                               Everybody knows that to get the mlm results that you desire is to have life long customers. First of all look at the ones whom you wish were your customers. Why aren't they? Here is why. Someone else has a better relationship with them than you do!

                              In this article I will discuss with you what I have learned from Jeffrey Gittomer's Little Black Book of Connections  6.5 Assets for Networking Your Way to RICH Relationships on drawing customers to you.

                              If you decide to give facts about you then it will remain the same. Put them in front of contacts that will help them move their business forward. Also you need to tell them a secret that will have a huge impact on their organization.

                             Consider being truthful even if you are offended or embarrased.

                            Your plan needs to be achievable. The way you develop confidence is by winning bigger than you expected. When you are self confident that will attract clients and customers to you.

                            You need to have to know them as well as your product or service.

                            You must be a resource to them rather than just an aquaintance or a salesperson. By being a resource you will give them clear answers or point them to someone or to a resource where an answer is located.

                            When you tell people your story they will tell you one back. It helps them relate. They are personal, revealing and stories tell the truth.

                           Another thing which is required of you is to tell how you have worked with others and if you are new tell how your upline or the person who brought you into the business does it with the team. But you got to eventually step into the drivers seat and gain experience because in the end it does not pay off to be a follower.

                           One has to find liks. That means to find something in common. It ties you together. When you went to the same town, went to the same school or worked for the same organization. If you start out with personal information then you are off to a bang!

                           When you find stuff that assists them in building their business suprise them with it. Do not forget to be creative.

                          Avoid asking for the sale. Earn the sale with the value you are giving them.

                          Do things that are social with them as well and do not be all business.

                         If you need additional information on anyone whom you want to hook up with contact their sales department. They are going to tell you all about them.

                         If you would like to know what makes a typical relationship blossom or fail. Then look at what goes on in your house for all the answers. Consider your mother and father, brothers and sisters as well as your spouce and kids for all the answers.

                         When you are done studying the characteristics of your family then study your friends. Pay attention how do you communicate with them. Do you notice something different when you communicate with your best friends instead of people whom you do business with? You feel more relaxed, you tell the truth and you manipulate others less.

                         A big reality clue is how you treat others is determined how you are treating yourself. Do you treat yourself right? Do you qualify to build a relationship? Are you a giver, professional, do you have confidence? Are you honest and do you have integrity to make it work.

                       Here is the main idea behind the whole thing. If you think you have all the answers do yourself a favor and re-evaluate yourself. You need to work on yourself as much as you work on building relationships. Searching for a capabilities evaluation test? Then look in the mirror each morning. Reflections always are the truth.

                                                                                                                Lawrence Bergfeld 

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