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Did you know that your luck can change as fast as tomorrow? The moment you start feeling good emotionally you are instantly attracting good into your life. Most people problem is that they try to feel good but end up letting a negative situation ruin their mood.

Negative situation could be the result of you wanting something better. When something bad happens when you are feeling good, it is the result of you wanting something better.
using the law of attraction
Thought vibration moves faster than the speed of light. That mean as soon as you put out a thought, It instantly effects the world. The stronger your vibration, quicker your wish will return to you.

Strong vibrations comes from intensely focused, positive emotions

The list below are some of the techniques and changes we must make in order to change our luck. Our "luck" is based off of who we hang around, hobbies, what we listen to, what we read and even what we eat (Yes! certain foods WILL MAKE YOU DEPRESSED).

Just understand that you don't know what you don't know. You will never know if this stuff works if you think you know everything. Do you have high willingness to learn and willing to change?

Been wondering how to stay positive? The Law of attraction tips below are tips that will keep positive thoughts in your mind. Positive thoughts evoke positive attitudes and emotions.

  • Hang around like minded people - You will always pick the thought patterns of the people you are around the most. In Your Wish is Your Command, Kevin Trudeau explains that your income will match the average income of you 5 best-friends. Being around like minded people will make you happier and more focused. This is also an important secret to success.
  • Read Everyday- Reading books will help you build your belief on the law of attraction. Reading at least a page a day will work wonders on your mood.
  • Listen to the Listen to Your Wish is Your Command ( will keep your mood high. Your attracting power (or belief) will increase just from listening to the CD set as often as possible. It also reveals more way like this to boost the power of belief.
  • Smile As Often As Possible - Research shows that smiling makes you feel better and frowning makes you funny bad. Even when you smile you are less sensitive to physical and emotional pain. Smiling instantly makes you feel better and it is something that you can start doing now.
  • Singing - Studies have proven that singing can improve your well-being. It have an amazing affect on us physically and mentally. Improving lung capacity, making us more confident, increase feelings of relaxation and improves posture. Research also proves that it can relieve us of asthma and its symptoms.
  • Dance - If exercising can lift your mood and prevent depression, dancing will give you that and a incredible sense of achievement as you master the most complex of moves. Finding a style you can enjoy, so that you can see and feel your improvement at with practice. This in return will give your confidence an enormous boost.

These are ways to deal with stress and improve your luck (or positive attraction ability) over a short period of time. You must monitor your mood, and make sure that you are  feeling or  better.

Focus on good emotions and you will see things start to change in your life. That is the truth to how to have good luck with Law of attraction

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