Brian Cole Network Marketing Leader – From McDonalds To 5 Figures and L4 Leader in MLSP

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Brian Cole Leader in MLSP For His Debut In The Live The Dream Event, He Came Dressed In His McDonalds Uniform, If "I Can Do It Anybody Can!"

Brian Cole Network Marketing Leader

Brian Cole is only 23 years old, living just north of Cincinnati Ohio and is full-time in Network and online internet marketing after only 2 1/2 years and now enjoying incredible success. He has sponsored over 400 reps into MLSP and over 36 into his Primary company.

What makes this story unique is that Brian was a college student working at McDonalds and still living at home when he first learned about network marketing. He told me he initially thought it was a scam, that would be the general opinion of his co-workers at McDonalds.

I met him the first time at No Excuses II when he had just started to break through into success. I had a chance to have an interview with him last night and asked him some questions that I knew my audience would want to know.

Now you have to remember that he was on a very small budget, making under $1000 a month at the rate of $7.25 an hour. He didn't have a lot of money to work with when it came to advertising. He also knew absolutely nothing about network marketing so he started exactly where most of us start.

Brian Cole Jumped In With Both Feet!

Brian Cole From McDonalds To 5 Figures

The major difference between the majority of the new network marketer and Brian Cole was his attitude of "All in" he had right from the first. He kept what he was doing "under his hat" so to speak and didn't share much with his coworkers until right before he was ready to quit. They all wanted to know how he could quit both McDonalds and his college and be making such an income!

Brian used the training inside of My Lead System Pro to learn how to use Facebook PPC and SEO and even when he lost money at first while he was learning, he gulped it down and didn't quit. Now remember he was on a minimum wage job and when he lost $200 it was four full work shifts.

Brian Cole's Break through

Brian's big break through came when he was chosen to be Member of the month back in February this year, that meant he got some big exposure from My Lead System Pro. Shortly after that he caught the eye of Mark Hoverson who partnered with him and they did a product together.

Brian Cole Takes Away All the Excuses!

So here he is on stage at Live the Dream III sharing his thoughts about how he did it. Now most will ask about the tactics but lets make no mistake its really about the tenacity, the persistence, consistency and just plain grit that many don't appear to have!

Brian shared with me that he has a product coming out in which he will share with his audience the Brian's Business Blueprint so you can follow his exact formula for success!

Brian Cole Is A Delightful Person To Get To Know

I really have enjoyed speaking with him. And one thing that bubbles out of him is the delight to be able to help people. He loves his family and his team and they very obviously love him!

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