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Today’s post is a quick summary of a great book I just finished reading, “The Truth about Leadership” by James M. Kouzes & Barry Z. Posner. I highly recommend reading this book and if you find the information of value, develop a personal growth plan for moving forward. 


10 key Points - What everyone wants to know about Leadership: 


  • You make a Difference-If you don’t believe you can leads others by inspiring, motivating and helping others to make positive changes in their lives, you will not have impact on others. Leadership begins with you, believing in yourself.



  • Credibility is the Foundation of Leadership-People must believe in you personally to choose to follow you. Credibility is earned not given.



  • Values Drive Commitment-People need to know more about you than you may realize. They need to know what you are passionate about, what you believe in and what you stand for. Leaders must understand the same things about their people to forge meaningful relationships and alignments.



  • Focusing on the Future Sets Leaders Apart-Vision and more vision, backed by results. Leaders must be able to clearly explain future possibilities and the impact they will have on the company and their people. Vision comes from your past experiences and extrapolating those experiences to form a vision that is credible and possible.



  • You can’t do it Alone-Leadership is about achieving goals as a team. Great leaders realize that the willingness of others to follow them is directly related to their desire and commitment to improve their people. A Leader’s choices and decisions are made based on the impact their decisions will have on others, not how the choices will impact them.



  • Challenge is the Crucible for Greatness-Great accomplishments are never achieved by maintaining the status quo. Challenge involves change and change is difficult for many to embrace. Having others believe and embrace your reasons for change will be a challenge. If you can do this successfully, you will migrate from being a good to a great Leader



  • You Either Lead by Example or You Don’t Lead at all-Never break a promise. Become a role model for the values you express. Never ask others to do something that you wouldn’t do yourself. Courage is a word that has deep meaning. If you lead ethically and honestly your followers will know you are a Leader with courage.



  • The Best Leaders are the Best Learners-The best Leaders are always looking to improve. They encourage open and honest feedback. They have mentors, they read and attend seminars. They develop personal development plans and update them on a regular basis. They ask their people what they are doing well, what they should do more of. They take the time to ask their people what should they change about their Leadership style and why?



  • Leadership is an affair of the Heart-You must have deep passion and commitment to be a great Leader. Leadership is all about the people you lead, and not about yourself. Having a deep desire and need to see others succeed is a core belief for all great Leaders.



I will follow up this post with more detailed information on a few of the aforementioned points

Thank you,

Mike Rao


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