How to Be a Great Leader, Not Just a Good One

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There are many factors that lead to great leadership and great leadership can take your business to higher levels than you ever thought possible.

Great leaders are vigorously modest, they have an uncanny ability to show unwavering determination and they set up their mentees for the same successes they achieved.

Great leaders rarely talk about themselves. They direct or deflect attention to the company they run and its results or they prefer to recognize the efforts and achievments of those around them. These leaders do not place themselves above the company or its indiviuals, they do not pretend to be the sole reason for the companies results. Instead they quietly go about thier business of driving remarkable results.

Unwavering determination in the face of adversity is another characteristic of great leaders. They have an ingrained motivation, a certain mindset to do anything to help make their companies the best they can be. They make hard choices when they choose to avoid the  mediocre efforts of the establishment and replace those that are only on the bus for the ride. They realize that longevity and/or deep rooted connections within the business are not necessarily ingrediants for success.

Lastly great leaders build their companies  not from the standpoint of strategy or  some great new vision or direction, but with people! Can you imagine having a great vision or direction and then the people you put in place to achieve the results that you seek cannot develop any kind of cohesive effort to reach it? Neither can great leaders. They form their teams with the right people, get rid of the wrong ones and then figure out (with the help of the people) which direction they want to go. People are everything to getting the desired results and pressing forward. Why would you handpick someone to replace you that was weak or was not modest or ready for the next level of success? A good legacy to leave to show your own greatness is when the company falls apart after you are gone? No you would expect that your replacement carry on and bring the company to even higher levels of prosperity.

So to be great one must load up the team with the right players, don't be afraid to make tough choices even in the face of adversity, and celebrate successes with an ounce of humility and modesty.



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