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Network Marketing Recruiting

In the last couple of days I have had 3 conversations with 3 separate people who had found me online and all of them had a very similar thing to say about Network Marketing Recruiting online, marketing and general success online which is why I thought I would do a blog post about it.

Each of the 3 I had spoken to had not had any MLM Recruiting success online so far because they said they did not have the right sponsor to help them.

Hmmm…. What do you think about that?  

They were all people who had been online for long enough to know that they had not been having the sort of success they desired and so this time, they were looking for the “perfect” sponsor.   And I found myself being “weighed up” by them against a couple of other successful marketers to see what I could offer them in terms of a training site, support, private coaching and anything else they could think of that was going to help them to be successful.

So this is what I told them.

I thanked them for seeking me out -because let’s face it – this is Attraction Marketing in action and I still find it flattering when people contact me because they see and believe I am successful enough to help them too – it’s a compliment.  But I think they were then surprised at what I told them.

Firstly I agreed with them that having the right sponsor for the type of marketing that they wanted to do could certainly be a help.  A training site for the team members and a sponsor who really did take the role of a coach and mentor seriously would of course be a big help.

But would it make them successful?  Would it make them an

MLM Recruiting and Sponsoring Machine?


So here is the gist of what I answered to all three of them.

Are you an action taker?  Do you want success more than you can consider anything else right now?  Is failure 100% NOT an option? Because if you want the big success, then it has to be that way… seriously!

Do you have goals?  Do you have achievable timescales for your goals?  Do you have a plan for how to get to your target monthly income?  Are you learning something new every day?  Are you taking action on what you are learning every single day?  Are you doing something that will move your business forward every single day?

Because if you’re not, then it’s not going to happen fast for you.   And it may not happen at all……

Mediocre action will reap mediocre results.  How much do you want success?
Yes I can show you how to do article marketing, blogging, social media marketing, paid and free marketing strategies, yes we will do co-op ads for my team and yes I am always testing out new marketing methods.

But that’s because I am stepping up and taking responsibility for my own actions.

Trust me when I say that your sponsor will NOT be the determining factor in your success. In the past I often thought like this too, always believing other people were achieving success because they had a better sponsor when I should have just been looking back at myself and taking responsibility for my own actions.

And that’s what I do now.

In my honest opinion mindset is 95% of the way to achieving success.   If you feel that this is “fluffy stuff” ;-) then I felt exactly the same when I was told this a few years ago.

But  now I realize it was one of the best pieces of advice I was given because it’s so true.

If you are “too scared” to get ‘all in’ to your business, or you’re worried about it not working – then guess what?  You’ll be right – this sort of mentality is a mentality of ‘scarcity‘ and not ‘abundance‘ and could stem from how you were brought up to feel about money!

Have you ever heard the expression:

“If you think you can, or if you think you can’t…….. You’re right!”

It’s so true.  Having the right mindset for success is absolutely key.

If you think this may be holding you back, then go and read books like “Think and Grow Rich” by Robert Kiyosaki or “The Science of Getting Rich” by Wallace D Wattle and you may start to realize how important the whole mindset ‘thing’ is.

If you are going to be truly successful, and you truly have the desire – you will find a way whatever team or sponsor you are with.

So what do you think?  Do you agree with me, if you do, please vote and share this post as I believe it is very important?  I’d love to hear from you – and if you have any other book recommendations to get the mindset right, I’d love to hear about them too in the comments field below.

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