Why Life Sometimes Doesn't Turn Out The Way You Want It To...

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I wish life was like a suitcase.

It be so easy to take out what you want and leave all the troubles, challenges in that suit case.

Then look at those thoughts, programs in my mind and just leave them in that suit case and take the ones that will help us succeed.

Sometimes, an idea you thought would take one month becomes five. Even, when you outsource it. I had many of those days, weeks, months.

My friends say, "You're mad. It's just impossible Adam."

But the thing is, I don't know what that word means. I've never known what this words mean. I only heard that word when I came to England and suddenly, everything is impossible.

That, "you need money, you need this and you need that."

You know, for a world with buildings, business in front of us all, to dreams that have happened, technology, it is weird to hear people say, "it's impossible," and "what if.."

And how they don't see - people built these and there's people around is. That's the real power.

So what do you do?

I learnt in life that sometimes, not everything goes to plan. That not everyone will agree and see eye to eye.

Sometimes the friend is a jerk. Sometimes the promise of "for better and worse" doesn't turn out the way you think and it turns out as, "I'm outta here because I really didn't mean this kind of worse."

Sometimes the one who promised he'd have videos ready for you in a week, turns out five weeks and later - you find he hasn't done them. He/she didn't fulfill the promise.

And you wonder why they ever bother be in business if that's how they treat people and the honour of their word.

Then the business you started didn't start the way you want to and the team doesn't do what you expected them to do.

Well, I found out years ago, that being miserable, jumping up and down like a kid, crying over sweets no one will give us, doesn't really do much good.

There is one thing we can change..

That we got a choice.

The choice to be mad, angry and hate or forgive.

The choice to think about the problem and focus on the badness all the time or the solution.

The choice to blame the people who don't build or change me, and attract those who do.

The choice of not arguing with the landlord and just be successful and buy my own house.

The choice to get good at financial literacy and know, the banks, credit card companies are never going to tell me about special offers, or how to reduce rate. They want to make MORE money.

So we learn the secrets they try to hide from us customers and get the offers.

The choice of not complaining about neighbours and friends, and just move out and associate with people who don't say..

"It's impossible.."

The choice of optin in with a different email address or unsubscribe instead of complaining about spam, and emails we don't like.

It's a choice.

Life, dreams, job, business, marriage, everything - doesn't always pan out the way you want it to.

In the end, we grow wise and know we can change the way we looked at life. The moment I did this, was the moment I saw humour.

It was the moment I could love someone and see not their faults, but rather their beauty and what's amazing about them.

It was the moment where I could see how I can change the world instead of looking at how dark it is and think someone else is going to clean up.

It was the moment I accepted to take life and people for who and what they are.

That's when life suddenly said.."Ah, now you get it. Good."

I'm not saying not to raise expectations. I'm saying raise them high but embrace the good and bad, and ugly. They come for a reason and that reason isn't because life is incomplete.

It is because we are not perfect. How can we?

We'll never learn, we'll never grow, we'll never have these amazing stories of courage, valour, achievements and hope.

We'll never be creative and the fighting spirits and to have that feeling when we achieve what so many say it's impossible.

Yes, life never turns out the way we wanted it to be but you know what?

It's ok. It'll be fine.

I've seen so many bad times and yet, I suddenly became surprised on how we always seem to overcome it.

Ever thought how you overcame so many problems and yet, here we are, still standing, still fighting, still doing, working, building and striving?

Whenever something doesn't turn out the way you want it to - sit back and breathe.

And give life a salute, a laugh, a cheer and say..

"Thank you. I'm grateful for what I have and whatever I face, I accept them all for what they are."

Then clean that dirt off the window and see life for what it is.

A world is a stage AND we are the script writers of our lives.

Adam Taha

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