Synergy,Why It's Important For Your Business

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Synergy,Why It's Important For Your Business

IF you take a look at the biggest most successful companies, what do they all have in common? They are all  build on the solid foundation of a Team.When you have great team cohesion its vital to accomplishing the mission and conquering the goals established,Just as if you have a team thats not so great you can struggle as well, ask any sports athlete that's played on a team they will tell you how important it is for the team to gel together. The best teams that win championships and create winning dynasties are all created with what i like to call a synergistic blend of individuals that are all there with one common goal in mind,  they're there to win! Having an understanding of this makes it easier for the team to be able to win more games,work out more effective and efficient and have a great relationship both on and off their playing medium,synergy is critical to a teams success in sports and it works the exact same way in  business or in any type of organization for that matter.Lets look at how this is important for success with direct sales or network marketing for that matter.In a network marketing company you have to either build a downline or a customer/client base in order to generate income right?

Synergy In Network Marketing

Most marketers struggle because either they are building a downline the old school way (i call it Dexter Yager Marketing) and they struggle because they lack synergy or lack the understanding of why synergy and being part of the team is important to their success.If your building your Network Marketing company this way its critical to understand why  you need a high level of synergy and unity in order to make things flow smooth and increase your income.When i was   a part of the Amway Corp i really got an understanding of what synergy is and how it can make or break you in network  marketing.i'l share a personal story with you about how my time with Amyway created success  for me in another company. Back in 07 got pitched the Amway (Quixtar) opportunity  and what really caught my attention was the business system that i was shown  Britt World Wide(BWW). Now prior to this i had experience with network marketing but i never build a downline i was mainly selling products to customers.Now when i attended my first  home meeting i  honestly didnt get the business side of the opportunity but i was drawn to the system,and it was one thing i new was that systems worked! i was invited over to the local Diamond's home for their weekly team calling session, now this is where a group from a particular team meets at  the up line home and everyone there makes calls to book  their calendars for the week using the levarage of the upline to confirm the appointment and write it in stone as they alwyas said.For me this was nerv racking simply because when someone was making a call every one else would be quite and cheer you on  after you make a successful call your self or there to help for a three way pass off or encourage you and critique on a call you could have closed.This synergy was really powerful as far as helping us to grow confidence in making phone calls to book out calendar. for me this was a new experience, here i am sitting in this millionaires house with everyone staring at me making this call to show the plan talk about  feeling pressured!The support slowly grew on me and it built up a level of confidence,i could literally feel the unity and synergy in the room when we had our call nights.

Synergy, From Good To Great

Now let me share another story that really solidified my understanding of having team unity and how this really made me become core at building unity and synergy in my network marketing experiences.

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Now go create synergy in your business and in your life and enjoy the journey. 
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