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Have you ever heard the saying that we are a product of our decisions? Have you come to the realization yet that in each moment that passes, we have the ability to creates our lives with each thought, emotion and action?

You see, we are in fact a product of each decision we make in every moment of every day and it is these decisions that create our habits and ultimately the results we get in life. We can either create positive habits that help us move towards our dreams or we can just go through life without direction while we develop habits that return less than positive results. We can even let poor habits take us away from our dreams, away from the freedom we seek and sabotage any actions we do take to achieve our goals.

"Your success is determined by your daily agenda" ~ John Maxwell

Making the decision to take a  proactive approach with every aspect of our lives and quit being reactive to circumstances, to people and the world around us is truly an awesome and powerful practice. This is really the ultimate and the highest level of personal responsibility. No matter where we are or what the circumstances around us may be, we always have the power and the ability to choose our own thoughts, to choose how we feel and to choose what actions we take.

In this way, we can build our lives around positive and empowering habits that will inevitably lead us in the direction of our highest ideals and toward the life of our dreams.

"Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going." ~ Jim Rohn

I want to share with you here what I consider to be some of the ten best habits you can  incorporate into each day to help you on your path to creating an extraordinary life.

Vision - This can in fact become a very powerful habit and is a tool used by many of the most successful people on the planet. Develop a strong and meaningful vision for all the various aspects of your life; spiritual, mental, physical, financial, your relationships, any service, donation or philanthropic goals and all your overall big life goals. Put this together into a vision statement, write it down and turn it into ten year, five year and one year vision statements. Then make it a habit to review them consistently to keep you on track. Be sure to make it about something higher, bigger, and better than just you to give you something meaningful enough to gain real traction and keep you moving forward.

Decision - During the time of fudal Japan, the samurai were known for their strength and courage in the face of adversity. One of the habits they mastered was the ability to make a clean decision within the space of seven breaths. Once that decision was made, there was no turning back, even if that meant their very life. Making a decision and sticking to it gives you the ability to focus on the job at hand. Utilizing the speed of implementation with each decision keeps your mind free of negative feelings of procrastination and the feeling of being overwhelmed while empowering you with each new accomplishment.

Gratitude - When we keep our mind focused on all that is right with our life and all the things we love, we bring more of those things and other things we desire into our lives. Whether that is with our relationships, our work, or even something as simple as fresh air and water. This is one of the most powerful habits I know of as I have seen and felt the results in my own life. When we focus on what we want and add emotion consistently over time, it will eventually manifest in our lives. Believe it.

Faith - Sometimes you have to believe it before you can see it. I am not going to get into any religious or philosophic debates over this one but I know it has a place among the best and most powerful habits you can have. Is there really anyone who, in a moment of great danger, disaster or heartbreak, has not cried out instinctively to their own vision of God? I know from experience that ego and self will can only take you so far, that the power of self will is limited. Faith by comparison, in some power greater than yourself, is limitless. Believe in your self, believe in your dreams, believe in others and do not pay attention to the fears that may creep into your thoughts. Fear (False Evidence Appearing Real)

Persistence - This habit and attitude can propel you to achieve great things. You must learn to face all problems and hindrances head on. All problems are really gifts in disguise. If you choose to face each problem and resolve it, you are empowered from the experience. If you turn away from problems in your life, they weaken you. You must have the attitude of “whatever it takes” if you want to achieve success in any area. To achieve success you must be persistent and willing to stick with something long enough to go deep enough into it to master it. If it takes 30 days or 30 month, persist until you succeed.

Presence - “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift and that’s why it is called the present.“ ~ (Zen master) All you really have is the present moment. Live each day as your last and soak up every bit you can get. Procrastination is killing time. Respect your time and make the most of it. Remember, each moment that passes can either be spent moving toward your goals or else time is simply passing you by. Time is the only asset you can not get more of. If your vision is truly strong and meaningful enough, the decision of how to spend your time becomes an easy one.

Balance - This habit I feel is really the most important of all. Aside from accomplishing big goals and developing a powerful vision for your life, it is imperative to maintain balance. What we accomplish is not as great as how we live. Just look at the examples from rock stars to movie stars, then take a look at nature and notice how balance is maintained for centuries upon centuries. I believe that a perfect balance is rarely if ever attained and we must continuously be working towards balance in our lives. You can relate this to any aspect of your life for the rest of your days. This is a habit that will aid you in developing long term success.

Enjoy yourself - It is very important to enjoy yourself, enjoy your days and each moment of your life. Difficulties will inevitably come up and our emotions will express themselves but in those times of anguish just remember that “this too shall pass.“ When we enjoy each day, those days add up and become our life. When we are happy and excited with our life, things tend to flow more easily in the direction of our goals and success soon follows. Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls (Joseph Campbell) Begin to celebrate each moment.

Growth - Constantly cultivate your mind, body and soul. Direct all your energy towards what you most like to do. Get in the habit of constantly multiplying your own value and what you have to share with the world. If you are going to achieve goals you have never achieved before, you have to be willing to do what you have never done before. This is one of the most meaningful habits you can have and is really what life is all about. The more you grow and cultivate yourself the more you have to give. Success is something you attract by the person you become." ~ Jim Rohn

Consistent Massive Action - You cannot become a person of action, it is not a process, but it is a habit. This one habit is what every goal and every dream rests upon. The old saying that discipline is freedom rings true. Any goal, vision or dream you may have is worthless without consistent massive action. Life takes effort and success takes even more effort. Learn to love the process and love the effort that it takes to achieve your goals. This is the real treasure you gain in the end, as it is through the struggle that you become more than you were, you gain character, you gain strength and your skills and inner power is increased. Remember that consistent action over time is more powerful than massive action over a short period.

I know I said ten, but this last one is less of a habit and more of a simple way of life.

Service - The quality of your life is the quality of your contribution. By elevating the lives of others your life reaches it’s highest dimensions. If you are still unclear what the real secret to abundance is, it is service. Learn to selflessly serve others. The more people you are able to help or serve in some way, the more abundance you will see in your life. If you are wanting to earn more money, focus on helping more people. This is the simple law of reciprocity. Live to give.

I hope you will incorporate these great habits into your life. Wealth and riches are already yours, all you have to do is simply uncover them. Don’t worry about failing, the only way to achieve more success is to experience more failure. All you need to do is just keep moving forward and taking the next step in front of you. Dream big, move in the direction of your highest ideals and begin to create the life of your dreams. Success is an almost certainty if you simply don’t give up. Bring your own unique gifts and value to the world, step out of your comfort zone and make it happen.

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