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For the most part, the holidays are behind us.

Yet with each passing second after the mighty clock struck 12:00 on January 01, your emotions probably have been running on high gear.

Some of you decided to do what the general population considers a norm during the onset of a NEW year.

You drafted resolutions for your personal and professional side of your life.

Resolve to do what you’ve dreamed about or perhaps what you’ve been putting off for days, weeks, months or even years.

It’s all about action or lack thereof, and

Typically these resolutions center on 3 basic situations, 1) lose weight, 2) get out of debt, or 3) have better relations with your family and friends.

Do these sound familiar?

The pressure is on to do what you’ve been dreading or dreaming to do.

It’s time to clear your mind of worries, anxieties, fears, anger and other toxic emotions.

It's about quieting your mind so you can get down to business.

You have been pushing and continue to push the existing bubble and now your blood pressure and your stress toxins are through the roof.

Stress is associated with an increase in your cortisol hormone levels which is known to impair the body’s immune system, and cause an increase in the body’s inflammation levels, which in turn has a potential to increase the risk of heart disease, cancer and autoimmune diseases.

Putting yourself in a state of dis-ease is not likely one of your goals or resolutions.

So, to help you fight off a stress overload and help drain your brain from mental toxins for at least 3 days…

Practice these 5 Simple Ways To A Post-Holiday Mental Detox:

meditation 300x199 5 Simple Ways To Detox Your Mind – Reduce ‘Post Holiday’ Stress 1. Quiet Your Mind- Dedicate the first 5-15 minutes of your day or the last 5-15 minutes of your day to a mindful quieting of your brain either through meditation or yoga. Do it as a relaxation technique.

Studies have linked meditation to various physical and mental health benefits such as lower cortisol hormone levels, lower blood pressure, slowing heart rate, reduction of cholesterol, improving concentration, reducing anger and frustration, and increasing oxygen intake due the natural change and slow rate in breathing. It also has been associated with increase concentration, boost in self-confidence, and reversal of aging process, which means a longer lifespan.

Shifting your focus to the present is also a simple yet effective stress management skill.  And the likely reduction of negative emotions has the potential to increase your self-awareness and thus create new ways to look at and manage your life situations.

Keep in mind that meditation takes on different forms. It can be as simple as focusing on your breathing or your body, following/listening to an audio, the repetition of a mantra, walking, praying, reading, and even focusing your attention on love and gratitude. The idea is to instill peace in a seemingly busy mind.

Some people tell me that they can’t meditate. I say it takes practice and you do what is in tune with your values and well-being. Your mind has had a lifetime of past conditioning which included mind wandering. It knows that skill very well. You've drilled it into your being and now it automatically surfaces.

Initially while in the midst of a few meditation sessions, expect that your mind will likely wander off. The idea is to calm your mind not aggravate it by judging your meditation skills.

Don’t fight with the elements.

Surrender to the moment and simply do because your emotional and overall health will thank you for it. 

Go ahead and schedule a meditation session for at least once a day for about 3 days so that you can practice relaxing your mind and body as well as reduce any stress symptoms.

music to your ears psychology miriam buhr motivation inspiration flow 200x300 5 Simple Ways To Detox Your Mind – Reduce ‘Post Holiday’ Stress 2. Pump Up The Volume & Swing Your Body- Whether it’s to the sound of Lady Gaga’s “Just Dance,” Maroon 5’s “Moves Like Jagger,” or Pitbull & Marc Anthony’s, “Let It Rain Over Me,” there are empirical studies that indicate the health benefits of focusing on a rhythm or beat as it relates to improvement in social skills, mood, and even reversal of a depressive state.

Rosa Pinniger, lead researcher in a study done at the University of New England, suggests that the participants in their study exhibited extreme focus- or “mindfulness”- of dance, which tended to disrupt the negative thought patterns associated with anxiety and depression. Pinniger said, “…that if people can experience freedom from their negative thoughts for just the three minutes of a Tango dance, they’ll realize that such freedom is possible.”

The nature of dancing and the posture of the body while dancing can also provide us with a good enough reason to just dance. If you focus on the nature of dancing, it simply allows people to identify and release pent up feelings, which are essential strides to help deal with their negative and mind-consuming emotions.  In addition, the posture of the body in most dance stances assumes a more open, optimistic posture which differs from the closed, dejected posture of depressed patients.

To illustrate further the emotional benefits of dance and partner dancing I located another study. In a 2009 study of music and partner dancing conducted in Germany by lead researcher Murcia, lower levels of stress hormones and higher levels of testosterone were exhibited by 22 tango dancers, who said they felt more relaxed and sexier.

Whether it’s the idea of experiencing a peak of endorphins while exercising your body through dance, the social interaction associated when dancing, and the fact that you’re focusing your attention more intently on actual dance moves (thus getting you out of your foggy head), ultimately it’s a confidence booster and stress releaser.

Free yourself of emotional toxins, get your groove on and dance away your stress and depression.

Woman with face massage  196x300 5 Simple Ways To Detox Your Mind – Reduce ‘Post Holiday’ Stress 3. Enjoy A Comforting Touch – Touching the skin by way of facials or body massage can enhance your emotional and physical health.  There are current studies that reveal the physiological benefits of touching your skin.

In one study published in the Psychosomatic Medicine: Journal of Biobehavioral Medicine, lead researcher, Diane Zeitlin indicated that massages reduced the participants’ subjective and somatic signs of anxiety.  Other benefits outlined in the literature review of her research indicated that beside the benefits of anxiety reduction, other studies have revealed the use of massage techniques can also improve relaxation of skeletal muscle and increase blood and lymph circulation2.

In another study, the use of comforting touch and massage reduced the stress experienced by preterm infants in neonatal intensive care units. Dr. Lynda Harrison found that preterm infants who are physiologically fragile experienced the benefit of stress reduction when using gentle stroking and massage as intervention.  For these babies the best method was gentle stroking but overall the findings indicated that the physiological effects of touch when used as an intervention may result in decreased motor activity and behavioral distress.

In a nutshell, go ahead and stimulate your skin by way of massages or facials. Help clean, detoxify and revive the beauty in your body and face. Schedule a session for a body massage or a facial.  Even home facials can offer you ways to detoxify your outer beauty. Detoxify from the inside out and notice how you feel.

Unplug 300x298 5 Simple Ways To Detox Your Mind – Reduce ‘Post Holiday’ Stress4. Unplug or Limit Your Digital Connections- With the sheer amount of digital stimulation, there is an associated increase in mental numbness and some would even go as far as to say mental dumbness.

In an article written by Dr. Stephanie Sarkis titled “Should We Be Watching Traumatic Images on TV?,” she mentioned a study by Ahern, et al (2004). It indicated that “people who viewed more television images of the attacks in the seven days after 9/11 had a higher probability of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The people who viewed the most television images had 2.32 times greater odds of probable PTSD. The authors of that [2004] study wrote, ‘Television may merit consideration as a potential exposure to a traumatic event.”

A few years ago created and currently runs an ad campaign which advocates limiting your TV watching and digital gadget use: it’s called Digital Detox.

It is that same idea which I’m also advocating to get you mentally detoxed. You need some 'down time' and that means away from the stimulus induced web that’s keeping you from hearing your inner voice. If you have a rough time engaging in this activity for 3 days, then at least unplug for a full 60 minutes per day. The idea is to use the time while you are away from these types of distractions to sit still and listen to your sweet inner voice.

Calm your mind. This advice may seem simple but it’s not easy because of past conditioning or habitual behavior. If that is the case, begin slowly and keep adding to your allotted time by increments of 10 minutes. Your brain will thank you for the mental break.

Images are very powerful and are not only used in TV but also the internet. At this point in the 21st century, the web is TV on an accelerated or steroid format. The use of images is just as powerful if not more so because of the sheer amount and minute by minute access.

It’s important to feed your mind good stuff, which includes positive images that will enhance and not cause havoc on your emotional and mental health.

laugh 300x267 5 Simple Ways To Detox Your Mind – Reduce ‘Post Holiday’ Stress5. Laugh Your Fanny Off! – Hands down laughter is the cheapest medicine and the by-product is that it helps shift your perspective, enhance resilience, improve mood, attract other people to you, add joy and zest to your life, relax you and reduce your level of stress.

In a laughter guide I found, it said that by engaging in laughter you can create create fun ways to lighten your load, inspire hope, and keep you grounded, level-headed, and laser focused.  Now all that can definitely help you in your personal life and business. This same guide also revealed major health benefits of laughter, which ranged from relaxing the muscles in your entire body, boosting your immune system to resist disease, triggering the release of those feel-good hormones called endorphins, to protecting your heart by increasing blood flow. So....

What are you waiting for? Begin smiling and move on to laughing. To get you started, here are a few activities from that laughter guide…

  • Grab a funny flick (movie) and watch it.
  • Go to a comedy club.
  • Seek out people who are humorous.
  • Host game night with friends.
  • Play with a pet.
  • Make time for a fun activity (e.g. miniature golfing, karaoke).

Enjoy practicing these 5 simple ways to detoxify your mind.

The idea is for you to be mindful of how you can reduce your level of stress. You can engage in this mental detox for however long you feel comfortable and experience the health benefits. Follow one or all of the tips but know if you’re present in all that you do that, in and of itself, can be an antidote for the negative emotions you may be experiencing.

So, if you’ve decided to lower your weight, get out of debt, improve your personal relationships, or even increase your business revenue to a $100K or MultiMillion dollar range then it’s time to get your mind in gear.

Meditate, listen to music, dance, take leisure walks, read poetry, get massages or facials, unplug or limit your digital connections, or just plain do something silly and laugh!

Relief your stress.

Try it and tell me how your mental detox worked out.

Be sure to share these tips with your friends, colleagues and business partners.

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