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Marisol DennisWell there are times in your life when you are just stopped in your tracks!!

Last week I had been invited to speak on the 100-Day Biz Builders Challenge weekly webinar.  I hadn’t done this before, but I was very pleased to be invited – and a little nervous at speaking publicly to so many people.

I was told that I would be “on” after Marisol, so I settled in to watch the training webinar and waited to be asked to speak.

WOW!!  Marisol shared her story with us.  What an incredible woman!  I don’t know her very well and have only met her since starting the challenge, but after hearing her story – I feel very grateful to have this person come into my life. 

And it was difficult to speak soon after her – I was very moved by her story – I was completely taken away by it, but quickly had to bring myself back to the job at hand!!

Marisol had been diagnosed with a terminal brain tumour and was told she had six months to live.  Marisol was not ready to leave her children (she has four children and at the time, two of them were only little), was not prepared to accept the fate that she had been given.

So what does a strong-minded, determined woman do in this situation –she fights for her life!!

Marisol has sought treatment from all avenues – tried all sorts of things to keep that cancer at bay.  This involved a regime of diet, exercise, mindset, positive attitude and a lot of hard work, discipline, various treatments and tough times.

Her journey is not over – it is still an ongoing battle, but Marisol is not giving up any time soon.  It is remarkable not only that she has survived this “six-month death sentence” for 11 years now, lived long enough to see her children through school AND become a grandmother, but that Marisol is also a very successful businesswoman.

Marisol DennisI seriously believe the two go hand in hand.  The qualities that Marisol has used to remain well, also enable her to be successful in her business.  One of the things that kept Marisol focused was her children – the goal of getting them through Junior School, then when that was achieved, ok, now I need to get them through High School – keep setting your goals and adjusting them as required.  Marisol’s ability to stay focused on her goal and meet that goal head on has enabled her to be successful.

Having had a brush with cancer myself (nothing as serious or challenging as Marisol’s) I do understand how fragile life is and how quickly it can be taken away from us. This reminds me of why I do what I do – I am able to run a successful business from home, have time with my family, learn and grow both professionally and personally and as a bonus I get to work with inspiring individuals like Marisol Dennis.

So I take my hat off to you Marisol Dennis!  You are an absolute inspiration for us all – thank you for all your wisdom and support for the Biz Builder Challengers and I am sure you will live a very long, happy and prosperous life.

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