The Saddest Thing In The World: Why People Don't Follow Their Dreams

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I am reminded of a quote that has stuck with me for the last few months and it goes like this:  "People who don't follow their dreams are usually the first ones to criticize those who are!"


 Now I don't remember who said this and it doesn't really matter. I wanted to write this article more specifically for people in the MLM industry and the home based business industry, because they get criticized the most, in my opinion. But the more I though about it, this is SO MUCH MORE BIGGER THAN THAT!




We have people every single day that have huge dreams. But very few achieve them!




And the biggest reason why is: They would rather believe in the criticisms of others telling that their dream couldn't be accomplished rather than believing in their own beliefs. The dreamer then realizes the criticisms are tipping the scale "back to reality" Then, the dreamer eventually loses sight of the dream because he/she starts to settle in with the negative crowd.




There are a lot of sad things in the world but the saddest thing in the world is when people have big dreams and don't pursure them. They don't take the action steps toward their big goal.




These people are usually employees! They hate their job, hate their boss, hate their commute, hate that their spending more time with their co-workers rather than their family, and hate the tiny salary they make for working their butt off!




That's when they take it out on someone else.




So the the sad and non-motivated and non inspired secretly recruit the once inspired "down to their level". Which makes more sad people in the world.




Just think if we had more people taking the action, ignoring the naysayers, and having the people adapting an unbreakable mindset knowing they can acheive anything?




The world would become a better place! Which leads to the happier people in the world.




Think about this. What is one common goal that most people have in the world we live in today?




It's more time and freedom!! (Most will say money, but money allows you to have more time and freedom)




Very few people have this. But the ones that do are living their dreams. They become some of the happiest people on the planet because they made a simple decision. And that decision is to CHOOSE to do something that makes them happy, that gives them more time and freedom and continue to believe in themselves rather than what others think.




Some of the wealthiest and happiest people in the world were once probably sad and stressed just like most of the world. But it's really inspiring to see more and more people every day "challenge the status quo" to have a bigger and better life for themselves!






So remember this again:




"People who aren't following their dreams are usually the first ones to criticize those who are!"




If you are pursing a dream right now, KEEP GOING! This may be tough to hear but if you are being criticized from others, you may have to remove yourself from the crowd!




Remember that criticims may slow you down, but the ONLY thing that can stop you in your tracks is YOU!






Thankful for serving you,






Greg Schmidt

Leverage Your Life Marketing Group

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