Fear Vs. Panic. Plus, The Biggest Wave I've EVER Seen..

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Happy New Year to you!

Over the holiday break I checked out the movie, "Chasing Mavericks",  based on the true-life story of the late, world famous surfer, Jay Moriarty. I'm not a surfer myself. Down here in Miami where I live, the waters are generally flat. Great for boating and paddle boarding, which I love to do both.

As far as the movie goes, it was one of the best I've ever seen on facing your fears and taking on HUGE, near impossible goals.

What a perfect story to begin a New Year with, right?

Go watch this movie. You'll love it.

In today's  article, I'll talk about a powerful distinction from the movie on Fear vs. Panic.

And BIG news next week....

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"Fear Vs. Panic"

In "Chasing Mavericks", Frosty Hesson, played by Gerard Butler, took young Jay Moriarty under his wing to teach him how to surf (and survive) one of the biggest waves in history, if not the biggest, know as a Maverick. I've never seen anything like it. It was like a skyscraper in the ocean. Had to be at least 200 feet tall. I'm serious. Every top-notch surfers dream I'm told. For an Olympic athlete, this is winning a gold medal. For a young football player, this is making it to the NFL and playing the Super Bowl.

As Frosty was training Jay to be able to handle the pounding he would take if he didn't make it, they came across a 15-foot Great White Shark while they were under the water training. Jay freaked out. The shark almost spotted them. He panicked.

Frosty almost pulled the plug on him right there. Jay almost got them both killed when he lost his cool....

He said to Jay: "there is a major difference between fear and panic. You panicked. And you almost got us both killed."

Naturally, Frosty was just as afraid as Jay was when they saw the shark. The difference was, he didn't panic.

In business and in life, we ALL have fear. And we always will. No one doesn't. It's in our DNA. However, it's those who panic the most, in the face of fear, who also fail the most. It's a very predictable formula. Keep this in mind as you attack your own personal Maverick in this New Year.

Fear will always be present when we embark on new, risky, sometimes even dangerous new goals. Especially the fear of failure. Don't think for a minute that your fear is some sort of abnormal feeling. Many do. Don't you.

It's how you stack up in the face of fear... whether or not you panic... or whether or not you feel the fear and do it anyways... that will determine your ultimate outcome.

Here's wishing 2013 is your biggest and best yet...

Go watch "Chasing Mavericks." You'll love it.


- Andrew J. Cass


A seven-figure producer in two separate Direct Sales businesses before the age of 35, Andrew J. Cass is now one of the Direct Selling industry’s foremost experts and in-demand speakers on productivity and sales performance training. He is founder and editor of the weekly eNewsletter and soon-to-be iMagazine, "Direct Selling Insider." He is the creator of the breakthrough CD program, "Productivity Triggers", and Founder of "CASH CONTROL For Networkers" - the one-and-only Direct Sales training program that shows you how to "sell more with less resistance," designed exclusively for today's Network Marketing Professional.

Andrew is also co-founder of his own Mobile Marketing company, RemarkMobile, known as The Mobile Marketing ROI Experts. He is co-author with Dan Kennedy in, "The Ultimate Success Secret (South Florida Edition)" and is the Director of the Miami Chapter of Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle and runs his own local and national private coaching groups. For more information on private consulting with Andrew and/or for speaking engagements visit: www.AndrewJCass.com


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