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Brendon Buchard is an innovator who moves me whenever

I read, see or listen to his work.

His motto or mantra as he moves through life is...

Did I live?

Did I love?

Did I matter?

which enables him to live with a purpose and have phenominal success.


The other day I wrote about foresight, and being able to plan and take

steps towards your end goal.


Ask Yourself What Is Your True Purpose

Today I am writing about making your end goal more than just a goal.

Defining your purpose.

Defining who you are and what you have to lead the way.


What is it that is driving you.

What is it that you want to be 'known for' and remembered.

Without a force or purpose that moves you, the actions you take and

the plans you make will not truly contribute to the community and will

not make a lasting impact.

With Vision And With Value Comes A Lasting Legacy.

It goes beyond being a person who 'trains', and 'coaches'.

It also goes beyond being an 'overnight success' or 'leader-board' super-


If you look around in this day and age, these 'trainers' and 'coaches' are

a dime a dozen and not many of them stand out as their own person.


Are You Your Own Person?

It's the brave and bold who 'own' who they are and

'own' what they stand for...

which lasts the distance and creates a real lasting legacy.

Put an end to the Fly-By-Nighters

Make a point of being someone with integrity, giving real value

and lead.

Be You and Seek Out those who are yours.

On the other hand...

The other option is short-lived ...without longevity.

No fire to keep burning, and a quick bang gone.

You have so much value to share

Dig deeper for YOUR truth, YOUR spark and reveal it for those

who are waiting for you to show up.

In the depths of your being you have to accept and Own who

you are and what it is you are going to give.

If you are too afraid to dig deep, you will not find the resources you need to

last the long haul.

In Your Moments of Frustration and Desperation

you need to tap into this truth.

Ask yourself what yours is and Lead.


I look forward to connecting with you over at facebook or twitter.


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