Your Dreams Not Coming True? Could This Be Why?

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Have you ever had something hit you so hard that you just know you have to share it...and even if you try to put it off, you can't really get anything else done until you do?...

Two days ago, I was reading my personal development book for the week. This week, I chose Tiger Traits by Nate Booth.

Since then I cannot, and I mean cannot, stop thinking about an idea that was mentioned in the second chapter.

Want to know what it is?...

What is the LIFE of your dreams?

Ok, I know you've heard that a million-billion times.

But really, what is the LIFE of your dreams? And could this question be the answer to why your dreams aren't coming true?

What really jumped out at me is the difference between dreams and a LIFE of dreams.

Let me explain.

Most of us focus on the activities we want to have happen and the material possessions we want.

So we work and work and work toward those activities or possessions and eventually we accomplish them...right? But, in the process we forget that we need to live the LIFE of our dreams every day....not just in a few sporadic moments that once they pass we say “Is that really all?”

There really is a big difference between the idea of dreams, and the LIFE of our dreams.

When your upline or mentors taught you about writing down dreams, what kinds of things did you write down? Perhaps you are already in the realm of this “life of dreams” concept, but most of the things on my list were like this:


  • Travel
  • Be top producer in my network marketing business
  • Go skydiving
  • Have time and money to do whatever I want whenever I want

But, what I discovered from this simple idea was that my list of dreams were not “full” enough. They didn't include who I needed to become and who I would help.

The life of your dreams will include more of the “intangibles” and have the activity and possession dreams intertwined.

  • How you spend your time
  • Who you are with
  • Who you have become
  • What you can do for and give others

Now, here's what a life of dreams description might look like:

  • I spend my time with those who uplift and encourage me
  • I have a loving family and I get to spend as much time as I want with them
  • I am a person that people love to be around
  • Because of the person I have become, I have attracted hundreds of people into my network marketing business.

The difference is that the LIFE of your dreams encompasses every-day living. It is what makes you get up in the morning and want to live. It is what makes you happy. Dreams, by themselves, are awesome achievements that we should most definitely still be doing whatever it takes to get, but the life of our dreams is something more fulfilling.

Try writing out a description of the LIFE of your dreams right now. This can of course include what your personal life looks like as well as your business.

Nate Booth suggests making sure that your description includes “a healthy dose of the person you will be and the gifts you will give” (28).

This is what it is really all about isn't it?

When you see yourself accomplishing your dreams, do you not see a better person? Do you not see a someone who is generous and giving?

There really is no point to living if we are not personally improving and striving to become better and certainly there is no happiness if we are not focused on what gifts we can give to others.

Now, this question is one that, if used consistently, will make your dreams comes true:

Is this moving me toward the LIFE of my dreams?”

How powerful is that?

I know it is going to make a HUGE difference in how I approach and spend my time. How about you? Please vote and comment and let me know what your take is on this concept. =)

Go live the LIFE of your dreams!

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This is so true, Stacia! I

This is so true, Stacia! I teach my students each day in goal setting exercises to find their sense of purpose and make sure that all of their daily activities support that sense of purpose. When you are living your purpose, you are living your dreams and it transcends any material value in the world. Actually, what ends up happening to so many of them is that the material things start falling into their laps without even them focusing on it. Interesting how that happens, right? :-) If we focus on our true passions, what we are great at, and what we love, material success is inevitable. :-)

Maggie Dominguez — Thu, 08/19/2010 - 9:07pm

I love it!

Thanks Maggie for such an insight. There is definitely solid proof...focus on giving and what you want will fall right in place. =)

Stacia Hopkins — Thu, 08/19/2010 - 10:16pm

Engage all your senses for a deeper vision

Hey Stacia, great post!

I recently watched a video by Joseph McClendon III and he echoes what you say but introduces some NLP principles into the exercise by saying that if you want to establish a clearer image of your vision in your mind, and condition yourself to believe in and move toward that vision, you have to engage all your senses.

I use this when facilitating visioning workshops and the exercise is to do what you say but also to have participants answer questions that relate to the senses as well, such as:
- What do you hear? ie. nature, birds, beach...
- What are people saying? ie. wow, it's great that you are home with your family to be a part of their growing up!
- What do you smell?
- What do you taste?
- What do you feel (touch)? ie. I feel the sand of the beach between my toes as I "work" in a hammock outside my beach-house.

With a vision that includes dimensions of all our senses, our mind better embraces it and we can condition ourselves that this is not just a dream but indeed a reality....just not "yet".



Patch Pressoir — Mon, 08/30/2010 - 10:59am

Incredible observation

Patch,thank your for your keen observation.For many of us,we often get caught up in the moment without really going that deep.A clear vision of all our senses will result in a better outcome.Thank you for your wisdom

Alan Holmes — Mon, 08/30/2010 - 2:06pm