Connecting With People

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Today I want to talk about connecting with people.

Connecting in the way we communicate with them. Not just by what we say, but the way we make them feel.



Same principal applies to the way we interact with our spouse or partner, our family, friends, acquaintances, work colleagues, business associates, and everyone we interact with throughout the day. Even complete strangers we pass by on the street.

Without even being conscious of it we are connecting with people all the time.

It isn’t always easy to understanding how other people are feeling, and quite often we can get it wrong, With those close to us, we might think we understand, or we assume we know, but this is when things can go pear shaped, and we find we are miles off from where they really are.

I did this with an old friend recently where I made an assumption on how she was feeling,  or so I thought.
Big, big mistake, in so much that I just took for granted that everything was as it had always been.

I forgot to check in and connect with her and get a feel for where she was at. I didn’t think I did anything wrong as such, but in her mind I had, and she didn’t hesitate to let rip at me for being so insensitive.

Sounds like a minor thing, but these small actions are what makes and breaks our relationships.

Just shows you that even when we think we have the answers, we are still vunerable to messing it up, so we always have to be working at it.

I’m sure all conflicts are caused because of some initial misunderstanding of how a message is first communicated to another. Want an example of this, think about the way men and women’s differing communication habits cause so many problems.

With our close relationships, like our partner or spouse, they will tell us when we stuff up, After all they have to live with us, so it becomes very difficult for them not to give us feedback, but with people we don’t know  as well, it’s different. Like customers for instance.

If a customer feels that we haven’t connected with them, and made some effort to truly understand what they need, then they can just walk away.

With our customers and prospects, it is essential to get a grasp on their specific situation, where are they at, what are they looking for,  what do they need to solve their problem, how do they feel, how can we help. If a customer can sense we genially care about them, if they feel we are listening to them and are trying to understand them, they will start to feel a little better about us.  Then, and only then, the trust begins to build.

The deepest hunger of the human soul is to be understood.

When I meet or speak to a prospect or a customer, I make sure my full attention and focus is on them.

My language and demeanour is often what connects with them

The non -attachment mentality.
One of the biggest lessons you can learn when connecting with people in the network marketing industry, is developing a non-attachment mentality.

This is not to be confused with a blasé don’t care arrogant sort of attitude, but more of a mindset where your sole objective is to listen and understand the other persons needs. In other words helping them is the priority.

When you have a non attachment  mentality  with someone, you are not attached to the outcome. it does not matter  whether or not this person becomes a customer, you are going to be successful.

Your purpose for sharing your opportunity with them is to genuinely improve their life significantly, and you believe that what you have will do that.

You are that confident of your ability. and belief in your self, that no matter whether that person buys from you or not, you know nothing will prevent your ultimate success.

Having the non-attachment mentality does require skill. Using language to connect with that person that expresses  your only motive is them, and you have to be genuine. If your’e not  genuine, then you need to work on yourself and get genuine, you can’t fake this. Try and you will look as phoney as glass eye.

The non-attachment theory will not work unless you genuinely care about people.

If your attitude is weak in these areas, you are going to find it hard  truly connecting with people, and believing what you have will help others.

But if your attitude is in the right place it changes the dynamics of the conversation between you and the customer.

People don’t care about how much you know until they know how much you care.

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