How to Build a Profitable Web Business Fast

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Many Internet entrepreneurs hit the ground running and see good early progress, then they peter out fast.  

Why? Well, they believed everything they were told about how their business would BOOM in just a few weeks.

And when that doesn't happen, people are often too quick to throw in the towel. 

But can you really have a successful business up and running in just a few weeks or months? Yes! 

That is, you can if you have the right resources and tools to help you be successful.  

If you think you can just swing blindly and hit something, it will take much longer.  

So, let's focus on getting focused and planning for success, which is always a more efficient route. 

That's right, you need to start planning. If you're not a big fan of planning ahead and think you'll get the same results working off the cuff, you're wrong. 

Before you do anything else, write a business plan. I'm not talking about some crazy, 1000-page manifesto. 

You don't even need a fancy cover. More than anything, this is an outline (however simple) detailing your business objectives and what you'll do to meet them. 

Think of it as a to-do list on steroids.  

Once your plan is written, take time each day to make a list of things to do that map back to your plan.  

You can see where this will put you on a better path from the start. You'll spend less time guessing and more time working toward your goals. 

Chance are marketing was a big part of that plan you wrote.  

Waste no time getting started on your campaigns to build your network, as this is your bread and butter. 

While you'll want to start small, your marketing campaigns will grow with your company. 

My best advice to you here is to find your niche. Your niche is the part of an industry you focus on more than other market segments.  

You can't be all things to all people. The sooner you realize this, the more successful you'll be.  

Why is niche marketing so important? It gives you laser focus on your target audience so you can speak directly to them.

If you cast too wide a net with your personal brand and business messages, you'll miss your target. 

It's like talking to a group of friends. You can't talk to everyone about the same things. You go from group to group discussing things of interest to each group. 

Your marketing campaigns should take the same approach.  

How do you find your niche? For some, this will happen pretty organically. 

For others, it will take some digging.  

My best advice? Don't do something you won't enjoy or can't be passionate about.  

And yes, we're all passionate about building wealth, but you need something more than that driving you toward your niche. 

Think about your interests and your strengths and leverage them. 

Why all this talk of niche marketing?  

Well, because it is the framework on which you'll build all your marketing efforts that will drive traffic to your site. 

Profitability comes to the marketers who know their audiences and can speak to their wants and dreams.  

By doing this, a bond is created and a sense of urgency can be established.  

People identify with those they think “speak their language.”  

Once you're in lockstep with them, they'll join your network because they want to go where you're going.

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