Leadership Qualities : Importance of Having A Healthy Sense of Humor

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Leadership Qualities : Importance of Having A Healthy Sense of Humor

Laughter is the best medicine so the saying goes.  So why not use it as one of your strategies where everyone can benefit from it.  Taking this approach makes things much easier. You need to have a good dosage of fun and humor that can be a just the right you need to have and this for several reasons:

  1. Putting some humor into a stressful situation can put a new perspective on it and that can help you handle and get you through it
  2. A good portion of humor will make you more efficient, especially because it will break the tension
  3. When you are happy you are more productive and work more effectively

If you are looking at methods of easing stress, then humor is the cheapest and easiest way of solving the problem.  You want to enjoy working after all it was your decision to start your own business and therefore working and having fun will make interaction with others more enjoyable and memorable.

Humor and Difficult Times:

Times are tough where we are seeing economic and financial difficulties worldwide, so you as a leader you need to know how to use best humor as a tool in easing stress amongst the members of your team.  You must however be very careful when using humor that you do not offend your international or diversified team, therefore it is necessary for you to research first before letting your joke out of the bag :) Science says that laughter is the only one time that we use all our facial muscles so find ways of increasing laughter in your team, removing stress and making an ambient that is conducive to every member of your team. If have found out that through humor I have been able to gain new insights to problems that I have been trying to solve.  The light-hearted approach which I embraced helped benefit others.  This is obviously a leadership quality. We know that leaders walk their talk, so when setting the tone, you make it easier for your team members to do the same.  They will always recall how calm and composed you were in solving what looked like a hopeless situation.

Humor and Business:

Yes running a company is serious business, but we can all benefit from enjoying our work experiences, we can take time for laughter and awake ourselves to what is important in life and that is enjoying the present now and here. Yes there is a time to take things seriously, but again when was the last time you shared a good laugh with others?  What can you do to lighten the mood and bring more smiles in your team? "A leader is the one who climbs the tallest tree, surveys the entire situation, and yells, 'Wrong Jungle!'" -- Stephen Covey

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