The Secret Sauce To Network Marketing Success - Gratitude!

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Life is a matter of perspective...

"Hard" for us is relative to our condition.

I remember once my teenage daughter came into my office screaming at me because her MP3 player had crashed and burned (this was waaaaay back when these things were still a novelty).

She was devastated that she might have to resort to using her Discman again (I told was a long time ago).


Two things dawned on me right at that moment...

One was that she was spoiled rotten. I hadn't realized how much she took for granted because of the lifestyle we enjoyed.

The other was that I had been blessed to have a different perspective.

As a young man I served as a missionary in Colombia. Colombia is far from the poorest country in South America and the only one with a government like ours (a democratic republic).

But it's still a far cry from the lifestyle we take for granted here in the US. Unlike my reality, living in the US where "hard" meant choosing between watching TV or trying to improve yourself,

Colombia was a place where it was genuinely hard to climb out of poverty and prosper.This is the reality for most of the world.

Fortunately, Colombia is one of the growing number of countries that allow network marketing to function and bless their populace.

Anyone, in any country, who has access to network marketing has the golden ticket to change their course in life.

And that brings me to my point...

The secret sauce to network marketing success is gratitude.

Recognizing what a marvelous blessing it is to be able to develop a business that can change your life.

Maybe you have not had the chance to live in, or even visit a third-world country. I don't think it's necessary to have that experience like I did. It can be as easy as stepping back and pondering how the rest of the world lives, the limits that life heaps on them that we don't have to deal with.

I start each day reflecting on how much I have to be grateful for.

I'm like you, I have a lot going on...and I could do just fine without some of it, but there is this underlying gratitude for the fact that every problem is solvable.

I do much better when I crowd my mind with thoughts of gratitude. There's only so much room on that 'hard-drive' between my ears so I'd rather have it filled with thoughts of gratitude than that other stuff that doesn't do me any good anyway...

I take time every day to reflect on the opportunities I have. Not just for my own enrichment...but to be able to affect the lives of many thousands of others.

I foster gratitude by looking for ways to offer complements to those around me. This also has the added benefit of making me someone who is more attractive to others.

I'll close by sharing another personal philosophy that I developed during my sales career.

I had a customer, a print shop manager, who was always upbeat. His favorite line was "I've never had a bad day" when I asked him how he was...

During one of our chat sessions ( should always be learning about your customers...) I discovered that he had spent 8 years in prison for manslaughter. He had been involved in an auto accident while intoxicated and someone lost their life as a result.

I couldn't even imagine being in his shoes but I appreciated his attitude of gratitude...and I figured that I would never have a bad day either.

  • What do you do to foster a grateful attitude?
  • How do you crowd out the "stinkin' thinkin'" that tries to find it's way into your mind?

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