Seven Simple Steps to Attract Abundance and Prosperity to You Now! By Carolyn Porter

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Seven Simple Steps to Attract Abundance and Prosperity Now!

1. Pay attention to what you say - your words indicate what you think and feel.
This is where it all begins and where change can occur. When your thoughts
tell you there isn't enough, that something is missing, you are in lack
consciousness. Know it's okay for those thoughts to surface for we all find
ourselves in this place at times, but don't remain there!

2. As the thoughts of 'can't have it' or 'not enough' surface into your consciousness,
visualize a mental garbage pail and toss those thoughts in it. Tell yourself
you know this is not a truth and you no longer need that thought, so you're
trashing it. Then immediately focus your thoughts on something good.

3. Surrender your dis-empowering thoughts about lack. You've recognized their
existence and have begun to toss out those unwanted thoughts, but now ask for
Divine assistance to help you change your thinking. Here's where your real
power is!

4. Remind yourself that you deserve all the good things you desire. Most
individuals fall down with their manifestation at this point because they genuinely
don't believe they deserve the good. People who say "What else would you expect?
Things like this always happen to me" are simply saying they don't deserve the
good so don't expect it. Duh! So why do you complain when abundance passes you
by since you set yourself up for more lack?

5. Look around at all you presently have and are. Make a physical list of the
things and people who are blessing your life right now and read it daily - your home,
family, health, job, friends, etc. - and everyday things from the easy drive home
from work that day to the neighbor who surprised you by cutting your grass, even
though it was shorter than you like it! Be grateful for everything in your life, including
the extra bill facing you that you're not sure how you're going to pay. As you do this
you will see changes in the way you perceive life and the way life responds to you.
Remember, it must be genuine because your spirit knows what your truth is.

6. Now do nothing! That's right - do nothing. The universe will begin immediately to
bring your desires, but you must get out of the way. This is so hard for most people
because we are used to being in control, thinking we must make things happen. Don't
do it or you'll block the flow of abundance that's on its way to you. When abundance
and you are in alignment it will simply flow effortlessly to you in amazing ways.

7. Say "thank you." Even though your desires haven't manifested yet, become grateful
for them before they are seen. By this you are saying you know they will arrive and
you're acknowledging this as a sign of your belief; this is called faith.

These simple steps will take you to the realm of abundance and prosperity. I know because I'm living proof that it works. Although I say they are simple steps, it is often not an easy task to shift your entire way of thinking and believing. Know that in the beginning it might even be difficult and you may be tempted to give up when doubts creep in. Don't give up! It's not something that happens overnight. Success in everything requires taking baby steps to achieve the desired end result. Follow these guidelines listed above and watch the miracles unfold in your life! And as the abundance and prosperity flows to you effortlessly, then move forward through the doors that open to you.

Here are some examples of how to change your thoughts and words from lack to abundance.

Lack: I wish I had the money to buy a new car, or at least one that's newer with less problems.
Abundance: Thank you for sending the resources to buy the perfect car for me, one that runs beautifully.

Lack: We can't ever seem to get ahead with our finances.
Abundance: I choose freedom from debt by making wiser choices with my finances.

Lack: There just isn't enough money; we're always having so many things break down.
Abundance: I am grateful for the money I have to pay the bills I can and know the rest will come
in Divine timing.

Lack: I hate my job. It is boring but pays the bills so I guess I'm stuck in it.
Abundance: I am grateful for my job but place the intention for a job that allows me creativity and
enjoyment, and gives me my present income or more.

Lack: I've been waiting a long time for Mr./Ms. Right. All my friends have someone so why can't I?
Abundance: I place the intention for my soulmate to show up in the right and perfect timing.

Do not try to figure anything out - no details, no plan, no manipulation. Simply say the words and let it go, then watch all the pieces come together. State exactly what you want. It is really that simple! When it doesn't work, it is because you got in the way of the Divine flow and blocked it.

Sometimes the easiest things in life seem to be the hardest. Is it because we expect something of value to be hard, that we must work hard to obtain it? Or is it the old thought that it must be too good to be true. I can promise you that the best things in life are free and come without strings attached, and they all come from LOVE!

Give this a try - you have nothing to lose and everything to gain! Need help? Contact Carolyn through the information that follows.

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