What's Your Number?

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I joined this industry for the second time on March 3, 2003. It was a Monday. I was just back in Atlanta after spending 10 days snowboarding in Park City, Utah. I was doing my best to burn up my paid vacation days as I was about to start looking for a different job. My company had rewarded my consistent and disciplined performance by giving me a pay cut and an attaboy! In hindsight, it was one of the best things that ever happened to me. I was promised a promotion in October and when the new year rolled around, I received a pay cut in the form of a promotion.

The “promotion” changed my title from Major Account Executive to Manager of Major Accounts. Well… not only did my title change but my huge promotion effectively lowered my pay by 1/3 and raised my quota by 1/3. I was told I should consider myself "lucky" that I still had a job. Hadn't I just seen my VP, GM and Sales Manager all get fired from flattening out middle management? Yes, but I was a producer, I argued. My new boss was my sales engineer and we were pretty tight. This was a hard pill for him to swallow as he delivered it to me. I'm sure he saw the wind leaving my sails as he delivered the news. As I walked out of his office, I was devastated. This was my reward for being a “Top 3” sales executive and always blowing my quota out of the water? I had won the trips and the prizes and the extra stock options (golden handcuffs) and then it occurred to me... I was just a number to the three-letter telecom giant.

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