You Are What You Project in Your Network Marketing Business!

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You Are What You Project!
  you are what you project

How many times have you heard, you are what you eat!  Makes sense right?

If you eat nothing but McDonald's and fast food, chances are, you're going to be overweight and unhealthy.  More susceptible to high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes and so on… (Sorry McDonald's, I'm not picking on you but...)

Lets take that same theory and apply it to, You Are What You Project in Your Network Marketing Business.

What is your biggest objection when prospecting?  Is it…  "I don't have any money?" OR  "Is this one of those Pyramids?"  Or, Or, Or… For some of you the list can be long.

If we are honest with ourselves when analyzing what is keeping us from recruiting new people into our business we will find that… Our own beliefs and objections, (our thought process if you will), when we started our business, is exactly what we will keep running into as we invite people into our business.

We project what we think, be it intentional or not.  If the "Pyramid" or "No Money" reason is what you hold in the back of your mind as a reason for people not to join YOU and your business, then that is the exact objection you will get from prospects, over and over again.

You ARE what you project!  If you are ever going to sponsor someone into your primary MLM business, then you MUST free your mind of such objections.

Are you the type to make excuses for everything?

Oh… I can't sponsor anyone into my business because I don't have the money for the tools I need.

Or are you the type that says:

I know I need Aweber for my auto-responders and even though I don't have the cash right now, I'm going to find a way to get the cash so I can move my business forward.

If you are what you project, and always project negative thoughts, then guess what?  Negativity is going to surround you.

How do you think your team members will view your negativity?  Remember, Network Marketing is all about duplication… Your team is going to do what they see you do.

If running around projecting negativity and constantly playing the broke, or pyramid card, (even if it's just in the back of your mind)  you will be teaching your downline to do the same.  They WILL pick up on it.  So if you are serious about building a network marketing business, then quit with all the excuses and remember... You Are What You Project!

Free your mind of these silly objections, I promise, once you do, you will find that you won't constantly be battling them. Sponsoring will become easy and your business will forever be changed.

In closing, do yourself and your team a favor.  Get your head into a positive place.  Believe in you, your product and project confidence at all times.  Just as importantly, be consistent!  Set weekly goals!

Goal #1. Plan on inviting 3 people each day into your business.

Goal #2. Expect to sign up 1 person per week, each and every week from here on out.  I say "Expect To" because I want you to get into the mindset and believe this is possible. You can and will achieve what you project!

If you've only been in the business for 5 months and signed just one person, then from here on out, make these few simple changes and let me know if your business doesn't start to take off.  I guarantee "You Are What You Project."

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We Get What We Expect!!

We must have thoughts of prosperity and avoid small minded people. Because small minded people gossip and brilliant people talk about thoughts and ideas on how to improve themselves. They take action on the truth that success is not a destination but a journey. The moment you stop growing your business goes down the drain and you become insane.

Lawrence Bergfeld

Lawrence Bergfeld — Wed, 12/29/2010 - 7:37pm

Hey Lawrence, Great point

Hey Lawrence, Great point about success not being a destination, but a journey! And understanding that the journey won't happen overnight is key! Stay consistent, produce value and provide people with solutions is all part of a successful journey!
Thanks for your thoughts!

Richard Petrillo — Sat, 01/01/2011 - 11:48pm

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