Preparing for a Learnership in South Africa

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You've finished school and are ready to look into learnerships in South Africa.

While you're already plenty excited and probably a bit nervous, there's no doubt one thing weighing on your mind more than anything else.

The big interview.

You graduate with the best grades and start applying to all of the relevant learnerships but it doesn't really sink in until you get an invite for a face-to-face chat.


Being nervous about going to an interview is so common, 92% of people say it's their greatest fear. Don't panic.

This guide is going to walk you through the ins and outs of crushing that interview and landing that learnership.

"Tell Me About Yourself"

This question makes the top 10 most commonly asked interview questions, so be prepared to answer it.

When an interviewer wants to hear all about you, it doesn't mean it's time to give every detail of your life from birth to present day.

What they want to hear is what's commonly called the "elevator pitch", a 30 second to one minute breakdown of who you are as an employee.

Practice your elevator pitch and you're sure to land learnerships in South Africa.

"What Do You Bring To The Company?"

This question is a bit of an expansion on "tell me about yourself".

You told them who you are, now wow them with what you bring to this particular table.

If you want to ace this question, do your research on the learnership ahead of time.

Greatest Strength/Weakness

You'll probably encounter the greatest strength/weakness question while interviewing for learnerships in South Africa.

As far as your greatest strength, don't use this as an opportunity to brag.

Think about your "soft skills", things about the job that you enjoy doing and your personality.

When thinking about your weakness, try to turn a negative into a positive, or show how you're overcoming your problem.

Don't even dream of saying "I work too hard". Instead, try something like "I take on too much work but have learned recently to delegate tasks to my teammates".

"Give Me An Example Of When..."

You're definitely going to need some anecdotes handy for your interviews, so start thinking of them now.

Common example questions include:

  • when you showed initiative
  • when you handled a difficult situation
  • you had a problem with a coworker/student in a group project

Make a list and practice telling your anecdotes to your friends and family to ensure a smooth delivery.

"Do You Have Any Questions?"

Yes, many times interviewers ask if you have questions for them.

Be prepared with things like "What's your favorite thing about the job?"

Bonus Interview Tips For Learnerships In South Africa

There are other things to keep in mind when interviewing for learnerships in South Africa.

Recruiters typically spend six seconds going over your resume. Use headers and keywords to grab their attention.

You've got one shot to make a strong first impression. Make sure you're dressed for success when you walk in the door.

Practice interviewing with your friends and family until your confidence grows.

Takes these tips with you next time you go for a learnership interview. Good luck!

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