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I can't tell you enough how grateful of the breakthrough Tony Robbins have gave in my life.  I've been through a lot in my life from having both paternal parents leave me when I was 4, living on my own since I was 16, and living in the tough neighborhoods in the inner city of Saskatoon.  I have lost very best friends to suicide, I never grew up rich and struggled for a large part of my life.  But I'm not here to talk about my problems, I know everyone has them but I want to tell you about what I did to transform my life almost like magic.

It was a very down time in my life, I was living in my sister in laws extra room in her already crowded apartment with my family of 3.  I basically hit a wall and was on the brink of breaking up with my girlfriend because life wasn't as we planned.  I promised her a change for us and that we would have a better quality of life.  I picked up the book "Awaken the Giant Within" and really thats when I the breakthrough Tony Robbins blessed me with started to happen.

The first part of learning to and truly discovering the power that I had inside of myself.  And not just me but the powerful every human being has within them that is just waiting to be awaken.  There is a powerful force sleeping in all of us and change can happen in an instance.  I took on the first lesson and breakthrough Tony Robbins gave me was very simple.  To simply raise your standards right now if your not happy about your situation in anything, like business, relationships, your life, your living situation and more.

I needed to raise my standards and get mad at myself for letting myself live where I was living and not fully utilizing my full power, my full potential to give me and my family a better quality of life.  Instantly I had this energy and focus to make more money and do more things to give me the opportunities for a better life.  Thisbreakthrough Tony Robbins gave me alone made me make more sales in my job and also gave me more bookings as a dancer to do performances along with fully paid trip.

Not to long later I had over $7,000+ in my bank account, I invested in a business and now make over $10,000 per month income.  I live in a nice house by a very nice beach, drive a very nice Jeep and get to travel all over the place without worrying about prices all thanks to the breakthrough Tony Robbins showed me to awaken.  Then I started to learn more about everything in his book to fully awaken the power I have inside me.

The huge part of it taking control of your emotions, putting yourself into the right state, lowering the intensity of negative feelings, and setting up a plan for success.  Things that can help with instant change and breakthrough Tony Robbins strategies is to change your language, change your metaphors, change your physiology, and more.  I wish I had more time with you to show you a step by step solution to changing your life, but I think I have the next best thing.


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