A Bare Bones Magnetic Sponsoring Review

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Maybe you have read the same repeat jargon in another Magnetic Sponsoring review and are still on the fence. Alas, Nothing but the meat and potatoes here. We explore the main topics of the book, the principles it is based on, and whether the strategies it promotes can work in your business.

Those that haven't read the book may be asking "What is Magnetic Sponsoring?" Is it a book? Is it a system?
And the answer is.... (drumroll)....It's both. Magnetic Sponsoring is the book by Mike Dillard that acts as a gateway into his Magnetic Sponsoring attraction marketing system. To digest a little easier, I've split this review into two parts. We'll look at the book first. Then we'll tackle the system.

The Book:
If you don't know what attraction marketing is, or you're new to the concept, the Magnetic Sponsoring book will give you an in-depth explanation, honing in on the relationship origins of leaders (Alphas) and followers (Betas). - the foundation for Attraction marketing principles.
Mike relates attraction to the basic human psychology that being attractive is not a choice, but based on survival instincts. It is a symbiotic relationship on a basic level. Groups follow leaders in exchange for their guidance and protection. Therefore, if the leader increases his value to others, the more others will seek the leader out.
Suffice to say, you want to be the leader. And you must constantly increase your value to your followers.

A main them within the book is that people don't join a business. They join YOU. They are looking for solutions to their problems, which for the majority of network marketers, happen to be a lead and money shortage. Therefore, Mike preaches that the network marketer should be selling a "how to" marketing system to distributors, and then let the system sell the company products. This is a direct contradictment to what most network marketing companies teach their distributors, which is to promote the company products and business opportunity directly. And it is also why you see such an uproar from many old-school marketers who have built their business using the traditional ways.

Another highlight of the Magnetic Sponsoring book is the chapter how to create a true MLM franchise. He outlines the trifold business model and the franchise components that should automatically solve the network marketer's dilemma of getting leads and money. The franchise idea integrates the funded proposal concept and newsletter in order to generate consistent cash flow and leadership branding. In layman’s terms... the network marketer should promote his system to help others achieve their goals. This in turn will bring in cash flow for the network marketer, and at the same time position him as a problem solver... and a true leader.

The book is exploding with so many valuable tips on how to set up elite email campaigns, attract targeted leads, and how to make money off of those leads. It's no wonder that so many successful network marketers have adopted it as their industry course book.

The System:
There's more! But for the sake of space conservation, you can read the full original article including the Magnetic Sponsoring system review here.===> Give me the rest of the bare bones Magnetic Sponsoring Review, please.

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