The Best People to Recruit into your MLM Business

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MLM Recruiting: The Best People to Recruit into your MLM Business

best people for mlm recruiting

Tosin, the best people to recruit into my mlm business?

For some people, this post will not make any sense because all they want is to have any kind of person join their mlm business opportunity. As long as anyone indicates interest in their business, they are quick to want such people to sign the dotted lines as soon as possible.

But that could be a mistake because I tell you that if your desire is to recruit just anybody into your mlm business, you will not recruit as many people as you should because you will not have the correct posture. Also you will eventually realize that there are some people that you will recruit into your team and you will wish you did not recruit them. 

Ask any top earner and they will tell about some people in their organisations that they wish they had never recruited. They would give anything to make sure that such people don’t join their organisation. I have such people on my team too.

So to avoid that you need to first of all know that there are some people that you should not recruit into your business.


People You Should Not Recruit into Your Business

Almost anyone will tell you that they need more money. Who doesn’t, huh? And if you use that alone as the basis with which you recruit people into your business, you are sentenced to a business of no duplication.

I have noticed that people who REALLY need to make money are generally bad prospects. Why? Because they NEED to make money! Anyone that is NEEDY would not do well because they have the wrong mindset. People who just lost their jobs, are constantly broke or have a lot of time in their hands more often than not NEED to make money.

And you will be shocked to discover that those that NEED this MLM business opportunity the most will do the least about it. And I will tell you the reason.

The reason is because there is a difference in mindset of the person that is needy and the person that is hungry to make things happen. The needy person typically tells you why something is not going to work and proves it to you. They have a systematic way of explaining all the reasons somethings will just not work out regardless of how hard they work at it.

The needy are constantly in a mindset that everyone is out to get them and the world is against them. It is quite common for the needy to play the victim card and have all the reasons why some outside force is keeping them from their goals.

Outside forces include (but are not limited to) spouses, the economy, their parents, their bank account, their former boss, etc. Often the needy feel entitled to other people’s help regardless of return of value from the needy person.


The Best People to Recruit into your MLM Business

These guys are my favourites. I call them the people who have more desires than excuses. These guys are hungry. They are indeed a  rare breed.

They are constantly looking for ways to get better, achieve more and accomplish something. The hungry can be driven by very, very different things. Often the hungry are out to prove something to someone, other times they are hungry because they are sick and tired of being sick and tired.

The hungry search for ways to take action. They don’t make excuses as they know that does not put food on the table. They have a thirst for more. They want to become more than what they currently are.

Needy people can also be hungry, but it is rare as the hungry rarely complain so you would not classify them as needy. Hungry people have usually had their share of bumps along the road because they are not afraid of failing. They know that each failure has a learning lesson contained within.

 “For me life is continuously being hungry. The meaning of life is not simply to exist, to survive, but to move ahead, to go up, to achieve, to conquer.”

- Arnold Schwarzenegger

I encourage you to stay hungry and always have a never quit attitude toward your goals and dreams.

 “There is no reason not to follow your heart. Stay hungry. Stay foolish.”

 - Steve Jobs

If you would like to get my blueprint on how I sponsor HUNGRY PEOPLE into my business, I offer you this 60-minute long Videoon how to locate and test to see if the people you are speaking to are actually HUNGRY or they are just plain NEEDY. (Just Click the Play Icon)

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