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What Is My Phone Room?

My Phone Room is a specialized, full-service call center that will do all the work of prospecting by calling all the leads that an individual or a business gets. My Phone Room will then either, qualify or, disqualify all those leads. One of the tools offered by My Phone Room is that, once My Phone Room’s agents are able to qualify a lead, they are able to make a three-way phone call that involves the client and the prospect interested in one’s business.

My Phone Room is a different aspect of a call center. It is a perfect solution for any kind of business which needs to make phone calls to their existing and potential customers. Not only does it perform the function of making calls, but it accomplishes a lot of other associated tasks, such as introducing prospective clients and answering the client calls.

Why My Phone Room?

My Phone Room is an ideal program to bring innovative changes to customer care and sales. My Phone Room saves the valuable time that you spend on calls allowing you to spend that time on other, more important, business activities. It is a cost effective method to qualify business leads and increases sales and income by taking the entire stress of business calls away from you. My Phone Room will never miss any call no matter if it is a working day or a weekend.

Advantages of My Phone Room

My Phone Room brags about not only being capable of exploding one’s primary business, it also has an affiliate program attached to it that is supposedly capable of bringing in more revenue. Once one has decided to sign up to My Phone Room’s affiliate program, he/she will be given his own My Phone Room Back Office account from its own web-based program that has been developed within a proprietary cloud computing system.

In My Phone Room Back Office, one can track page view statistics, percentage of conversation, number of leads and statistics that show what actions each and every lead have taken. When you compare the cost of My Phone Room and its benefits, you will realize that the cost is nothing compared to the business benefits you receive. The cost will vary on My Phone Room according to your business and the package that you will purchase. There are three different service levels: Classic, Pro and Executive, differentiated by their features and cost, ranging from $97 to $1,600. Pro level is affordable for small businesses, while executive levels are more suitable for large organizations with larger budgets.

My Phone Room can be used in any industry no matter it sells products or services. There is no fee involved in signing up to My Phone Room’s affiliate program. You don’t need to purchase My Phone Room service program to start using it, but the percentage of commission received by those who have subscribed to My Phone Room service will be different from those who haven’t.

Whether My Phone Room is for you or not depends on the size and type of your business. Making the right choice about the type of My Phone Room package you want can enable you to monitor your business, as well as lead it on a road to success by doing the hard work for you.

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